Top #10 des meilleures spots de parapente tandem en Europe

Want to make your first Tandem Paragliding Flight? Opt for the  baptism of paragliding  a magical experience! To help you choose your  flight spot , we have compiled a list of the most beautiful  paragliding sites  to visit from the air!

# 1  Interlaken – Canton of Bern, Switzerland 

Let’s go to the heart of the Alps but on the Swiss side. The Canton of Bern  offers many opportunities for paragliding enthusiasts, especially in Interlaken. This small town is aptly named since it is located between two lakes: the Thun (Thunersee) and the Brienz (Brienzersee) which are both a feast for the eyes from the air.
Take off with a certified paragliding instructor for an unforgettable flight in this mountainous and yet so aquatic landscape!
In a two-seater paraglider, you have time to appreciate the landscape and that’s good. You will have a breathtaking view of the peaks of the Swiss Alps all around Bern and Interlaken and your paragliding instructor will help you recognize the Eiger, the Monch, the Jungfrau or the impressive Schilthorn.
You take off from the collar of Amisbühl at Beatenberg which offers optimal conditions for a tandem paraglider flight. Most of the time, during a first flight in a paraglider, your instructor will fly you over the Aare river to land in the heart of Interlaken at Höhematte Park.

Why go there?
+ To take flight above the crystal clear turquoise waters of the lakes of Thun and Brienz
+ Take advantage of the raw environment of the Swiss Alps with the small villages typical of the region which attaches to the mountainside.

When to go there?
Come all year round to this sublime paragliding spot in the heart of Switzerland. Summer and winter, you will find an instructor to take you off and enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the Alps. The two lakes which border the town of Interlaken keep their majesty in any season and when the sun shines and the mountains are reflected there, the atmosphere of your tandem paragliding flight becomes simply incredible.

Book your  Tandem Paragliding Flight  in Interlaken. 

# 2 Annecy, France


Doing your first  paraglider flight  over Lake Annecy is enough to make you addicted to discipline from the first moment! The  schools of paragliding  are also very numerous in and around the city and it’s perfect, you are sure to find a niche to perform  a tandem paragliding  with a certified instructor.
You generally take off from Talloires Montmin and even if you don’t have time to go around the lake with a  paragliding flight , you can still enjoy the unique view of the flora and fauna of Lake Annecy and the massive surroundings.
In winter, your  paragliding instructors  can  offer flights from the La Clusaz ski resort or from Le Grand Bornand. You then have a breathtaking view of the Aravis range in a world of silence where all the noises are muffled by the snow … Magic!

Why go there?
+ For the beauty of Lake Annecy, its vastness and the magnificent color of its waters.
+ The scenery of  your tandem flights  is breathtaking and the sun that sparkles on the water will leave you with a magical impression!
+ For the concentration  of paragliding schools,  which allows you to always find a two-seater paragliding flight window  .

When to go there?
+ For a  paraglider flight  over Lake Annecy, it is better to go to the spot when the sunny days return  (between April and October) . You then benefit from perfect conditions for your  tandem flights  and the  thermals  will allow you to go and rub yourself in the mountain massifs which dominate the lake.

Book your  Tandem Paragliding Flight  in Annecy. 

# 3 Reykjavik, Iceland


Iceland is a dream destination for all lovers of nature and wild landscapes.  A two-seater paraglider flight gives you an overview of the incredible geological formations of this volcanic island. Paragliding schools that offer tandem flights are located in Reykjavik and are therefore very accessible. In the incredible  Reykjanesfólkvangur National Park , it’s a paragliding baptism in a  volcanic atmosphere waiting for you! You fly over hot springs, rock formations in rainbow colors, and observe from the air this volcanic environment shaped by eruptions and seismic activity. No matter which spot you take off from, your paragliding instructor will show you the specifics of this region at the edge of the Arctic Circle and you will have a  breathtaking view of  the  Greenland Sea  in the bay of Faxaflói  and  Mount Esla  which rises above the plains at 914 meters.

You can also opt for a  tandem  paragliding flight to Vik , in the south of the island, for a whole day with your instructors in a unique environment. Depending on the weather conditions, you will go to different paragliding spots. Your paragliding instructor can take you over Seljalandsfoss, an impressive 65-meter-high waterfall located near the Skogafoss waterfall or the unique columns of basalt clinging to the cliffs of the southern coast of Reynisdrangar. These geological formations are the distinguishing marks of Iceland, a trace of the seismic and volcanic activity of this island which must absolutely be seen from above with a tandem paragliding flight!

Why go there?  
+ The relief of Iceland seen from the air is breathtaking.
+ Most schools offer you to fly a tandem paraglider all day long by taking you to different take-off spots.

When to go there?  
+ Paragliding baptisms take place from April and until the beginning of November, when the weather conditions still allow to practice outdoor sports.

Book your  Tandem Paragliding Flight to  Reykjavik.

# 4 Tolmin, Slovenia

Tolmin, in addition to being a ski resort and a must-see destination for festivals of all kinds in summer,  is one of the most beautiful paragliding spots in the chain of the Alps . This part of Slovenia, in the heart of the mountains, is extremely green and nature is preserved there to the delight of the eyes during your tandem paragliding flights. You let yourself be carried above the immense  forests of the Bohinj region  and take an aerial tour that will give you time to see the mountain rivers like the Soča or the Iszozo which wind through the  Tolmin Gorges National Park . While paragliding, you will feel the freshness of the water in the impressive icy color it has from the air.

The take-off area is located in Kobala and your paragliding instructor will take you over the Soca valley  , taking advantage of the thermal baths  to gain height and dominate the peaks of the Slovenian Alps.
Greenery is everywhere under your feet and you will certainly be surprised by the liveliness of the colors in this preserved region. It is a gradation of light green that stretches as far as the eye can see and the forests that climb to the surrounding peaks are barely darker … it’s simply breathtaking seen from the harness of a two-seater paraglider!

Why go there?
+ The  flight conditions are optimal for a first flight in a  paraglider  and you will not find this landscape anywhere else.

When to go there?
+ All year round! The landscape of Tolmin is to be explored by tandem paraglider in both winter and summer, however, to take advantage of the striking color contrasts of the Soca Valley and the National Park, it would be better to plan a paragliding trip in the spring.

# 5 Dolomites, Italy

Take off by paraglider on the Alpe de Siusi (Seiser Alm)  in the  Dolomites . This pasture, the highest in Europe, rises to 1850m and is classified as World Heritage by UNSECO. The particularity of this paragliding spot is its immense expanse in the heart of the steep mountains of the Dolomites.

The certified paragliding instructors will make you discover the lush and unique vegetation that has developed over the years in this area with atypical relief. You will fly off the cliffs of the Dolomites and, depending on your desires and the weather conditions, you will fly over the Alpe de Siusi to reach Castelrotto using the thermals to gain height and make your paragliding flight last. You can also go to the  paragliding site of Spitzbühl , very popular with paragliders for its top wind conditions!
You take advantage of the view , comfortably installed in your harness and let yourself be directed by the paragliding instructor who will take you to see the Gardena valley to the north, the Sciliar mountains to the southeast and Sassolungo mountains to the northeast.

Why go there?
+ Summer and winter, the rugged terrain of the mountains contrasts with the regularity of the alpine pastures and offers you an unforgettable paragliding flight environment!

When to go there?
+ You can go to the Dolomites for a tandem flight all year round, but remember to bring warm clothes and ski clothes for a paragliding flight in the heart of winter.

# 6 Chamonix – Mont Blanc,  France

Chamonix, in addition to being one of the most important ski resorts in France, allows you to try your hand  at paragliding in tandem  with certified instructors. You can do your  paragliding baptism in  summer and winter. The peculiarity of a  winter flight  is that  takeoff is done on skis  for even more sensations! You fly over the sublime landscapes of the Alpes de Haute Savoie and see the grandeur of Mont Blanc in the air.
The  take-off areas are multiple and allow you to explore different facets of the Aiguilles Rouges and Mont Blanc mountains. Depending on the altitude from which you will take  off in a paraglider, duration and intensity may vary.
Anyway, the spot of Chamonix – Mont Blanc is  a must in paragliding  for its breathtaking landscapes. In winter, pristine valleys, snow-covered forests and glaciers offer an unforgettable view to all  lovers of paragliding . In summer, you can have fun spotting the animals crossing the mountains amidst the flowers of a thousand colors and the multiple mountain lakes and streams that create a magical environment!

Why go there?
+ To discover Mont Blanc and the Chamonix valleys from the air in summer and winter.
+ Take off in a tandem paraglider  from the Plan de l’Aiguille (2300m), Planpraz to Brévent (2000m), the Grands Montets on the French side (3300m) or the Aiguilles du Midi (3700m) to vary the pleasures and landscapes.

When to go there?
+ All year round! Your  paragliding instructors  are able to accompany you in any season for a  tandem paragliding flight  over the mountains.

Book your  Tandem Paragliding Flight  to Chamonix. 

# 7 Tenerife, Spain 

The small island of Tenerife is a gem for paragliding enthusiasts  . Off the coast of Africa, Morocco and the Sahara, this Canary Island allows you to do  a paragliding flight  from different spots along its coast. No matter where you  take off  , you are in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy a breathtaking view of the long white sand beaches. Hopefully, if the weather conditions are right, your  certified paragliding instructor  will be able to pass the controllers to you and you can start  controlling your paraglider wing yourself  !
According to  the orientation of your flight, you can see the surrounding islands like Las Palmas for example. Depending on the conditions, you will be able to  take off  from the Teide Peak, in the heart of the superb Teide Natural Park which extends over the entire center of the island of Tenerife. You reach the summit by cable car, which eliminates the need to  carry paragliding equipment  too far. The landscapes are desert and often, the sand of the Sahara comes to cover the vegetation by giving it a superb ocher color which you will appreciate enormously  from the air during your flight in a tandem paraglider .

Why go there?
+ For the unique atmosphere that reigns there, between the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean!
+ For  the many paragliding spots  available to you all around the island and which are very accessible for a very exciting and exotic stay!

When to go there?
Paragliding baptisms  are offered all year round on this small Canary Island.
+ The particularly mild climate in winter and downright hot in summer indeed ensures  optimal paragliding flight conditions  at all times, and with an awesome sunshine rate!

Book your  Tandem Paragliding Flight  to Tenerife. 

# 8 Corsica, France 


Corsica, dream island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, these charming towns and villages, its preserved flora and fauna. What could be better than discovering its wonders with a  baptism of paragliding  to change a bit of the G20?
Contemplate the magical landscapes of the Isle of Beauty and  its most beautiful paragliding sites . There are many  free flight schools  that offer  paragliding baptisms  with  professional instructors  all around the island.
In the north of the island, Calvi and Ile Rousse are certainly the beautiful  paragliding spots . Depending on weather conditions, different  take-off areas are open to  tandem paragliding flights  such as the Salvi pass, Algajola, Corbara, Lozari or Ostriconi. Each of these  flight sites  promise you unforgettable memories in the Corsican wilderness and above the Gulf of Calvi, Algajo Bay, Punta Carchincu or the Natural Site of Percepina.
Go to the south of the island to  fly a two-seater paraglider over  the sublime cliffs of Bonifacio or the large white sand beaches of Porto Vecchio or the Gulf of Ajaccio. You can take the time to appreciate a postcard view,  comfortably installed in your harness  while your  paragliding instructor  directs  the paraglider wing. above the turquoise waters and red reliefs of southern Corsica.

Why go there?
+ The landscapes of Corsica are known all over the world and  flying over a paraglider over  the nature of the Isle of Beauty is a unique experience!
+ The multiple possible paragliding spots guarantee to always find a flight that suits the expectations of each participant.

When to go there?
+ The particularly mild climate of Corsica makes it possible to  fly by paraglider  all year round!

# 9 Sardinia, Italy

Tandem-paragliding-Sardinia flight

Fly over the Sardinian coasts in a  tandem paraglider  to discover the unique atmosphere of this island between the Mediterranean Sea and the Thyrenian Sea! The  baptism of paragliding  on this island off Rome and Naples in the south of Corsica, is a magical and downright exotic experience. You will have the choice between various  paragliding spots  all around Sardinia.
To the east, the Gulf of Orosei and its National Park make your  tandem paragliding flight  a magical moment between forest and clear blue water. You  take off from Dorgali  to reach Cala Gonone by the sea, with its long white sand beaches or Baunei to  fly  further over the forest.
In the south of Sardinia, discover the rocky cliffs from Portopaleddu to Portoscuso with an   unforgettable tandem flight . This  paragliding takeoff site   is not the easiest to access, but it is definitely worth a visit and will allow you to have a unique view of the small island of San Pietro. To take  off by paraglider  over a more rural landscape, head north of Sardinia towards Littigheddu, on the site of Castelsardo where the famous Elephant Rock is located. The paragliding take-off area  is on the Littigheddu plateau and  your paragliding instructor  will take you  over the plains
 from the Sedini region and you will certainly see the seaside if the weather is clear.

Why go there?
+ For the beauty and diversity of the landscapes of Sardinia, which are beautifully revealed during a baptism of paragliding.
+ The weather is generally mild on the island in high season and you can always find the right time for your  tandem paraglider flight .

When to go there?
The tandem paragliding season in Sardinia starts in March and ends around November, when the cold takes over.

# 10 Algarve, Portugal 

Go  paragliding with a certified instructor  above the Algarve coast. Close to the city of Faro, this  paragliding spot  is reputed to be very accessible and yet impressive. You  fly over the sand dunes  that border the Atlantic Ocean, just a few kilometers before the Strait of Gibraltar.
All along this large region in the South of Portugal, you will have the choice between various  paragliding take-off sites  from which you will each time have a new and aerial vision on the wild and preserved Portuguese environment.
If you want to get away  from paragliding schools from Faro which is the largest city in the region, capital of the Algarve, you can go to Lagos, further west for a  tandem paragliding flight  away from the activity of men in a folk setting.
You can also deviate inland to go to  the take-off area of  Monchique, in the north-west of the Algarve or else to  the paragliding site  of Loulé, north of Faro.

Why go there?
+ For the dry atmosphere and the sublime sandy landscapes of the south of the country that you can observe quietly  from the air in a tandem paraglider .
= For the Portuguese coast and its typical small villages in shimmering colors which are a feast for the eyes when you  fly over the Atlantic Ocean  harnessed with your  paragliding instructor .

When to go there?
+ The best is to perform your first paragliding flight in the Algarve in spring or autumn to take advantage of the calm outside the summer season and then discover the breathtaking charm of Portugal from the air.

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