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Changing Elements : les athlètes changent de décor !

Adventure on a new field, the new web series from XTreme Video.

Snowless skiing or cycling in the water, here are some examples of unusual feats that can be seen in this first episode of  » Changing Elements « .

In each episode, we can follow one or more extreme sports athletes practicing their sport in an original environment. Weather constraints or urban regulations do not stop these junkies looking for thrills. Skiing in the woods, Parkour in a natural environment, mountain biking on a lake or even snowboarding in the dunes and skateboarding on ice are all challenges that these riders will have to accomplish to get out of their usual comfort zone …

While the skiers of the French collective What’s Your Name jump on the leaves and on the water, Jesse La Flair and Sydney Olson do parkour in a Los Angeles forest .  In the United States, snowboarders Seth Hill and Chris Corning tackle the Colorado sand dunes , and finally, Canadians Phil Moreau and Jensen Fikser will try to skateboard on snow and ice.

And the second episode with French  Aurelien Fontenoy who is trialing on the water!

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