YESTERDAY, le nouveau film de Bryan Fox

Snowboard and Surf have the same roots. But their respective cultures walked distinctly, developing their own industry, their own ideal, a different way of operating. Yet today times are changing. More and more surfers are interested in snowboarding. So much so that their cultures are closer than ever.

Bryan Fox’s latest project, « Yesterday », is proof of that. The film offers three road trips in three different countries, lots of pure snowboarding and even a small wave. And over the course of the adventure, the message that emerges is that pleasure is not proportional to quantity.
« I wanted to keep it simple,  » says Fox. I chose 3 places, gathered friends and we went on a trip with the objective of finding good snow. In the end, I just hope to make others want to have fun and go riders with their friends. « 

With: Austen Sweetin, Griffin Siebert, Alex Yoder
Filming locations: Japan, Portland, New Zealand
Film and Editing: Joe Carlino

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