8 Cheap Activities To Do In Cape Town

Cape Town is easily the most expensive city in South Africa but that is still no excuse for you not to visit and have a blast there. We understand what it’s like to travel on a shoestring budget. It can often mean sacrificing on some of the fun stuff that you wish you could do. That’s exactly why we have curated this list of cheap activities to do in Cape Town. From snorkeling with seals to water biking – this list has activities ranging from 12 euros to 34 euros. Keep in mind that the activities below are presented in order of the cheapest to the most expensive of the lot. But also remember that you cannot put a price tag on amazing experiences!

Surfing in the Big Bay Area

surfing big bay area

How often have you held yourself back from surfing because you didn’t have the necessary equipment? The wetsuit, fins, leashes, and of course the surfboard! Well surfing in the Big Bay Area, which is a 30-minute drive from the city center, you could rent it all for 12 euros! When it comes to cheap things to do in Cape Town, it doesn’t get better than this. That sum of money could buy you 2 hours of non-stop joyous surfing in one of the best surf spots in the world! Big Bay is famous for its friendly locals, cozy coffee shops, and beautiful parks. All you have to bring is your sunscreen, water, snacks, and 12 euros!

Kayaking Tour along the Atlantic Seaboard Coastline

kayaking atlantic seaboard

The second activity on our list of cheap activities to do in Cape Town is one of the most relaxing ones on the list: a kayaking tour along the Atlantic seaboard coastline. The sparkling blue waters stretching between the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront to the North shore of Table Mountain all the way down the west to Hout Bay is your kayaking playground. For a surprisingly cheap price of 17 euros, this kayaking tour takes you across iconic views of Table Mountain and Lions Head! This rejuvenating activity is done in the presence of a guide who will also introduce you to penguins, dolphins, and occasionally – whales! The activity lasts around 2 hours and participants must know how to swim, even though they’re provided with life jackets.

Stand up Paddle

stand up paddle

A traditionally Hawaiian sport that promotes strength, balance, and fitness in general, stand up paddle strolls into our list of cheap activities to do in Cape Town. Costing merely 23 euros per person, the activity lasts for about one hour and can be done by anyone above the age of 12. The best part about this sport is that you’re in total control of the surfboard. You could ride waves, cruise at a leisurely pace, race your friends, or even cover long distances! All necessary SUP gear is included in the 23 euros – all you have to bring is your sunscreen and swimming shorts. So go on and see the sunrise in the early morning, have a great breakfast, do a sunset session, jump in the waves. You’ll be high fiving in no time!

Hiking to the top of Table Mountain

hiking table top

An incredibly rewarding activity, hiking to the top of Table Mountain is a must, for those who can do this outdoor activity in Cape Town. So what makes it rewarding? Well, after completing a half-day hike reaching an altitude of over 1,000 m and overcoming steep inclines as you scramble, climb, jump and walk through an untamed mountain terrain – a spectacular view awaits. Coastal views along the Cape of Good Hope will mesmerize you, giving you an immense sense of achievement. You will be accompanied by a guide on this hike, who will not only inform you about your path but also motivate you along the way. We haven’t even told you the best bit yet: the hike, including the cable car descent that follows, costs only 25 euros!  

Snorkeling with seals

Snorkeling with seals is probably the most heartwarming experience one could have on our list of cheap activities to do in Cape Town. The Cape Fur Seal weighs between 100 kg and 300 kg but doesn’t let that scare you because they are some of the most curious and cutest sea creatures. In fact, they are also called ‘puppies of the sea’ – telling you everything you need to know to feel comfortable around them. You can interact with these adorable sea creatures starting from just 31 euros, lasting a good 2 hours!



Probably the biggest drawback of snowboarding, the ice-cold weather, is rectified in the sport of sandboarding. Using the same principle, sandboarding can be practiced all year long, making it immune to weather conditions. Hout Bay and Betty’s Bay are two of the best commercial centers for sandboarding in Cape Town and not expensive at all. The extremely exciting outdoor activity which can be enjoyed by the whole family, for only 31 euros, lasts for about 2 hours. The activity includes a safety briefing and is followed by fun and competitive games. Our advice: don’t forget to close your mouths during the activity.


water biking

You may not be able to walk on water (yet) but you can definitely bike on its surface! Water biking may sound like an expensive activity but this relaxing outdoor experience will only cause damage of 31 euros per person for an hour! As you can see in the picture above, the bike itself doesn’t have wheels for obvious physics-related reasons but it has pedals. Water biking is probably the safest water activity you could think of for people living with a fear of water. This particular activity takes place in False Bay in Simon’s Town, which is a 45-minute drive from Cape town’s city center. Once again, a super fun outdoor activity for families and a group of friends, water biking in Cape Town gets a big thumbs up from us.



An exhilarating activity awaits you and your 34 euros in Constantia Nek on the Silvermist Estate in Cape Town, 20 minutes from the city center. Ziplining in Cape Town is for thrill-seekers of every age group. Getting to the take-off spot of the activity is a journey in itself. A 4X4 vehicle will take you to the top of Constantia. You will have a spectacular and unique view of Cape Town and the Table Mountain National Park Reserve! You will be surrounded by gorgeous nature and scenery as you walk or zip line between the 12 available platforms. The highest platform is at 155 meters above the tree canopy and the longest measures half a kilometer!

If you still feel like splurging that hard-earned paycheque of yours on other exciting activities, check out our list of Top 10 Outdoor activities to do in Cape Town.