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Le TOP des Activités à Pratiquer en Islande

In a few years, Iceland has become the must-see destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

With its breathtaking panorama, we knew that this country was especially prized for its walks with an unforgettable view but the practitioners of strong sensations sports are also very fond of this timeless place. Yes, because time seems to have stopped on this fabulous country located between two continents ( America and Europe ) and two oceans ( Atlantic and Arctic ).

If you are looking for a change of scenery and unique sensations, then you have found your next destination. A journey from which one does not return unscathed.

Obviously, given its location, the down jacket, the fleece sweater and the mittens are much more recommended than the bikini and the thongs but if the cold does not scare you, the landscape will warm your heart. A stone’s throw from the Arctic Circle, Iceland will amaze you for its ability to offer original spots whatever your favorite sport.

You can always try a getaway to the center of the earth through a volcano (well if we believe  Jules Verne) but if you want to test sports that give you your daily dose of adrenaline then we have put together a small selection of activities that should satisfy you.

Rafting on the icy river in the northeast of Iceland

It’s worth all the Disneyland attractions except you don’t need a seat belt! You don’t need previous rafting experience to experience this unforgettable whitewater rafting trip. The gorges of the East Glacial River (Jökulsá-Austari) are the most exciting setting of the day. With its spectacular landscapes of deep canyons and its incessant living waters, the East has always been ranked among the best rafting rivers in Europe and has been ranked at the top of the must-see guides in Iceland. One of the most distant rafting excursions on the planet, this whitewater adventure offers an incomparable journey into the wild beauty of Iceland’s nature with a dose of adrenaline strong enough to satisfy the strongest desires.


Quad bike ride in Reykjavik

To really get to know Icelandic nature, nothing like a good Quad session in contact with the raw air of nature. Sit back in the driver’s seat, and enjoy the incredible scenery, breathtaking views and pure adrenaline. The quads are fully automatic and are very easy to use and expert guides will make sure you have everything you need.

Visit Iceland by quad

Visit Iceland by Fatbike

Excursion to Reykjavik on this extreme big tire bike. What could be better than a Fatbike to discover the majestic landscapes of Iceland. With or without a guide, explore the lunar landscapes of this uninhabited region of Reykjanes on this extraordinary bike. The fatbike offers a rare opportunity to discover these places far from the beaten track.

Visit Iceland by Fatbike

Fly over Reykjavík by Aircraft

The Ultralight is a two-seater aircraft, for only you and the pilot, which makes the experience completely personal. And if you want to share this adventure with a friend, don’t worry because he can also fly next to you in a second plane. This two-seater ULM is capable of flying close to the ground and landing in confined spaces (roads, fields, beaches, frozen lakes). The wings are above you and the windows open, making this experience the ultimate choice for aerial tours.

Fly over Reykjavík by Aircraft!

Geothermal snorkeling at Kleifarvat Lake

You would think that nobody would be crazy enough to dive in an ultra hot spring, but at Lake Kleifarvatn the conditions are optimal and the company organizes incredible snorkeling excursions! Hidden in a magnificent volcanic landscape just 30 minutes from Reykjavík, you will find this famous lake that smells of sulfur, a characteristic of geothermal areas. And there, you will necessarily want to take off your clothes and jump in this hot water! recommends that you bring a swimsuit with you since you can then swim in the Blue Lagoon or in one of the geothermal pools in Reykjavík.

Geothermal snorkeling in Lake Kleifarvat near Reykjavik

Paragliding flight over the cliffs of Vík í Mýrdal

À vol d’oiseau, profitez d’un un point de vue rare sur les sublimes paysages de l’Islande avec ce vol en parapente en tandem.  Vík í Mýrdal se situe dans le sud du pays avec un panorama à couper le souffle que vous pourrez admirer du dessus. Le vol pourra aussi être filmé si vous le souhaitez.

Paragliding flight over the cliffs of Vík í Mýrdal.

Surf sur les côtes de Reykjavik

Si vous aimez profiter de l’océan, vous serez ravi car les sessions de surf seront mémorables du coté de Reykjavik. Il n’existe pas beaucoup d’autres endroits sur terre où vous pourrez profiter d’une aurore boréale allongé sur votre board. Et même si l’eau n’est qu’à 2°C, l’expérience n’en sera que plus unique. Apprendre à surfer dans la houle glacée d’Islande fait de ce spot un lieu incontournable pour les vrais nomades de l’aventure.

surf Reykjavik

Kayak dans la lagune du glacier Sólheimajökull

Découvrez l’émerveillement mais aussi la peur lors d’une randonnée en kayak dans le lagon du glacier Sólheimjökull parmi ces énormes structures de glace.  En regardant ces géants de glace, vous vous aurez l’impression d’être entré dans un autre monde.  Et après quelques heures passées dans l’eau à naviguer dans le lagon, vous retournerez sur la côte avec tout un tas de souvenirs liés à cette aventure, certainement le plus beau voyage en kayak de votre vie.

Kayak in Sólheimajökull Glacier Lagoon

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