Top 5 Winter Activities in Andorra

Small country, big adventures!

Today we’re taking you to Andorra! Andorra… But what is there to do in Andorra? Well, this small country, located between France and Spain, has a lot more to offer than tax-free products!

Located in the heart of the Eastern Pyrenees, the Andorran territory is mostly made of mountains of an average height of 1,900 meters. Geographically, the territory of Andorra consists of two valleys, the “Valira d’Orient” and the “Valira del Nord”, whose waters meet in the Valira River forming the letter “Y”, facing Spain.

Who says high mountains, valleys & rivers, says outdoor activities of all kinds.  Andorra is one of the snowiest places in the Pyrenees. It is therefore the ideal place to practice many winter activities with family or friends. Skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing… there are many ways to discover the magnificent Andorran landscapes!