Top 5 Activities to Do in Iceland

It’s official. Iceland is invading our fantasies!

Why? Because of the numerous activities you can find there, especially in the air, in the water or in the mountains. All of this surrounded by different breathtaking landscapes.

Get ready for your program in Iceland: mountain biking, quad biking, paragliding, rafting … there is no time to lose!

On your marks, get your hiking shoes, your compass and go! You are about to discover the must-do activities in Iceland for your next vacation:

# 1: Go on a mountainbiking trip along the canyons, on a fatbike or through the winding valleys


# 2: Quad biking in the water, on the snow and in the middle of the fields


# 3: Exploring the beautiful landscapes of Reykjavík in a glider


# 4: Discover paragliding in a unique backdrop


# 5: Go rafting in the Glacial River


Yep. These pictures are quite amazing. 🙂

Nope. We didn’t steal them from Google Images.

Our providers took these stunning shots from the activities they propose!

Convinced?! Let’s have some fun in Iceland.

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