Alagna Valsesia – the Italian La Grave

Finding the Freeriding Paradise…

As we all know ‘La Grave’ is renowned for off-piste skiing, but if you go a little further and onto Italian side into Monterosa, you will discover 3 of the best Spots in the world for freeriding: GressoneyAlagna Valsesia and Champoluc.

Alagna Valsesia is something extra special…

This small resort town in the heart of Piémont is not only a beautiful spot, it is also THE “Freeride Paradise”. For all experienced skiers who are searching for a new playground there shouldn’t be any hesitation, but make sure to have a local guide to show you the way. Most tourists are Norwegian, English, Swedish and a few French. Otherwise it is mostly local Italians that ride there (the locals of the valley who go skiing the weekend).


Time stands still in Alagna. The “wild” nature, character and charm of this little village will make you fall in love instantly. When I arrived I asked myself, is this it? Is this the real undiscovered “Freeride Paradise of the World” ?! As I am accustomed to plushy French Alps and large resorts, and large open fields of piste, thus on first site I thought Alagna was too small to be in the same ball park of what I am used too! But of course, I horribly mistaken….

This small village seduced me by its authenticity, nostalgic atmosphere and openness to everyone that arrives, even the only bar of the village “Le Bacher”, warmly welcomed all that entered. The locals levels of commitment to skiing are unmatched, everything is here to set up to accommodate skiers, the shelters, trattorias (inns serving typical local recipes .. mmhh), not to mention the typical chalets of Monte Rosa (cf photos).

The essentials of off-piste skiing in Alagna

Alagna is on the east side of the Monterosa-ski area, which is well known for its freeride options. There is one main line from the top of the mountain at 3000m to the village at 1200m, but dozens more for real off piste lovers, like the famous Malfatta that is a highly technical off ski track with a vertical drop of 2500m. The area is extremely challenging. It is wider and steeper, and quite a distance from the slopes, therefore it is only suitable for the very best freeriders. Below is a list of the best lines in Alagna and Monterosa:

Technical difficulty: Extremely – chutes 45°/50°
Vertical drop: 2500 m

Technical difficulty: Extremely – chutes 50°/60°
Vertical drop: 2500 m

Technical difficulty: High – track not easy to find – topographical map and compass are useful
Vertical drop: 1730 m

Technical difficulty: Medium – track easy to find
Vertical drop: 1042 m

Technical difficulty: Medium – track easy to find
Vertical drop: 1200 m

Technical difficulty: High – average gradient 35°
Vertical drop: 1200 m

Technical difficulty: Medium – complex itinerary
Vertical drop: 1730m

There are a heap of other options in the area discover: Ice Climbing, Heliskiing, etc. So if you want to discover the area with the experience of a local guide.



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