The Amalfi Coast – Seen From the Clouds

We met one of our great providers : the oldest Italian skydiving school!

Along the Amalfi Coast, near Salerno, in the south west of Italy, is an ideal skydiving spot : Skydive Salerno.

With a jump from 4,500 meters and with enthusiastic instructors, this is surely one of the best ways to get an overview on this beautiful coast, with the Vesuvius volcano on the horizon. Moreover, the instructors are really welcoming, friendly and professional!

The school has a very special story. Gaetano, founder of this institution, talks about it:

“When I was 19, I saw people skydiving and I wanted to try. I went into the army, in the paratroopers section. When I returned, I decided to open my school. It was in 1971!

At first it was a hobby. I worked as a laborer during the week and I jumped on the weekend for fun.”

At 66-year-old, Gaetano, who participated in the skydiving Italian championships, is still as passionate:

“Each jump has a story: with feelings and different dynamics. I like to share my experience and be in contact with different people. Can you imagine I have trained more than 1,500 soldiers to jump..!

Being a skydiver also means being part of a community. “

Salerno is really a great place to jump. Why ?

“This is a magical place: there is the sea, the mountain, the volcano.  The country’s climate is optimal: the long days and mild temperatures allow to jump all year long. There are groups of foreign skydivers who organize their trips every year for these reasons. “

What is your difference with another skydiving school?

“We are one of the oldest Italian school. All the staff shares the same culture based on the attention to learning methods. Each student is different and requires a specific pedagogy.”


On the left : Raffaele, Gaetano’s son. Skydiver and pilot of this amazing plane !

On the right : The one and only Gaetano, school’s founder.

Amalfi Coast + Great Weather = We had to make you jump!

For the occasion, we organized an online competition to find THE person to jump in tandem with this team who rocks! There he is. We followed him in his adventure, and his only wish today is: TO START AGAIN!




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