Tahiti Shark Expeditions, a Great Way to Discover French Polynesia

If you want to discover French Polynesia while observing a variety of sharks in their natural habitat…then we have  the thing for you!

Tahiti Shark Expeditions is the first diving center in Polynesia, which is exclusively dedicated to the observation of sharks (such as the tiger shark and lemon shark) and other large marine mammals like whales.

A reference in the diving universe

Nicolas Buray, renowned around the world for diving with sharks, launched this diving center. He has spent the last six years studying the behavior of lemon sharks. He is the man behind the creation of the “Observatory of Polynesian Sharks” (ORP) in 2011. We can also find his work in the French magazine “Racines et des Ailes” and French shows such as “C’est pas sorcier”.

Nicolas and his team take you on an extraordinary adventure through four expeditions. You will learn how each species has evolved, what we know about them and what is still unclear.

The 4 expeditions : Tiger Shark | Lemon Sark | Humpback Whales | Lagoon Discovery

Tiger Shark Expedition

Tiger sharks are notorious for their aggressive temper and yet! In Polynesia, you can dive with them in complete safety. If you are an experienced diver and want to observe and photograph this species, that can be up to 4 meters long, this expedition is for you!

Beyond the pleasure of diving, you will also be contributing to the CRIOBE (Research Centre for the Island and Observatories of the Environment) in Moorea and the ORP. Each dive results in a report that supplies information to help understand the behaviour of sharks!

Lemon Shark Expedition

Moorea is THE island of lemons sharks! Diving with lemon sharks is a great way of getting (re)acquainted safely with sharks of up to 3 meters long, before opting for dives with bigger sharks. This expedition is accessible to level 1 divers and more experienced divers can visit the site of “roses”, that is 50 meters deep.

And that’s not all! During the expedition, you can also observe green turtles, barracudas, dolphins, clown fish, rays, etc …

Humpback Whale Expedition

Since 2002, French Polynesia has become a sanctuary for marine mammals. Over twenty protected species live there all year round! The most famous of these species is the humpback whale. You can observe them in Polynesia from the beginning of July until early November. They come to calve and mate before returning to the cold waters of the Antarctic.

Lagoon Discovery Expedition

Whether you would like to go out with your family, for a fun day snorkeling day above the most beautiful corals of Moorea, or thrill seeking with your friends to discover rays and black tip sharks, this expedition is built to suit your needs! The goal is to spend an exciting day learning about the multicolored subaquatic world. And of course experience unforgettable sensations!

Let’s just go.

Okay, so you may not like us very much right now. After seeing the fabulous photos all you want to do is escape to paradise and not work for the rest of the day. Trust us when we say we know that feeling all too well.

Patience, this activity is coming very soon on Adrenaline Hunter!

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