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3 Crazy ‘Top Gun 2’ Activities Only You and Tom Cruise Would Try

To celebrate the upcoming release of Top Gun 2 we’re listing the craziest (and most fun !) Activities Adrenaline Hunter has to offer. In case you didn’t know, Tom Cruise does all his own stunts. So follow suite and strap-in for these death-defying activities! 

Aerial manueverPhoto credit: Paramount Pictures France, DR

Filming for Top Gun 2 is well underway, and set for release June 2020. Tom Cruise, who starred in the first 1986 film, had far fewer action films under his belt then.

These days, the daredevil does all of his own stunts. For instance, he’s ridden motorcycles in chase scenes, done Samurai sword-fighting, and scaled the side of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower at 828 meters tall. Because of this, he is an inspiration for adrenaline-seekers worldwide. Therefore, i n honor of the Top Gun sequel, we’re listing the 3, absolute craziest Tom-Cruise worthy things to try on Adrenaline Hunter.  

The 56 year-old already has his pilot’s license for private aircrafts, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise when Tom Cruise asked to delay filming of Top Gun 2 in order to learn how to fly an actual fighter plane. While he won’t be performing some of the more advanced combat maneuvers, such as a barrel roll attack, performing fighter jet stunts is certainly not for the meek. You actually can! Read on to learn more about the first activity on our crazy list.

Jet fighter flight ride in Moscow

Taking a supersonic civilian joyride in Moscow, Russia tops the list of Cruise-worthy adventure activities.

Strapping into a Czechoslovak-designed Albatross L-39 fighter jet sounds very KGB, not to mention totally instagrammable! But while the GQ flight suit and prep classes led by steamy jet jockey’s may arouse envy in digital bystanders, this activity is not suitable for someone concerned purely with the pics they’ll take. At speeds up to 465 mph (or 750 kph), you seriously will no longer care what you look like (and here’s a hint, it won’t be pretty).  If you’re still reading, you just may be crazy enough for this one.

What Does it Feel Like?

After being locked into a 5-point harness, the turbojet engines will roar to life, and there’s no turning back. The cockpit of an L-39 is all glass so the views are guaranteed to be spectacular- if you don’t pass out that is!

One amazing thing about fighter planes is the phenomenal G-force exertion on the body. On the ground, we experience 1G (G = gravitational force of mass exerted on the human body in kilograms). But in a plane that rotates and flies at high speeds like this, that force multiplies exponentially. The pressure on the body affects how quickly blood can travel up to the brain- hence the occasional fainting for beginners. Not to worry- there are breathing techniques designed to prevent this.

Where to try it

If it sounds like your cup of tea, book a fighter jet ride hereStill want more thrills? Check out the next activity on our list – skydiving!

skydivePhoto credit:


As well as being a trained pilot, Maverick AKA Tom Cruise, is also an experienced skydiver, with over 110 jumps. As long as you aren’t acrophobic, skydiving is the next crazy stunt activity recommended on this list.

The jump with the highest amount of accolades he’s completed has to be the High Altitude Military parachuting, also known as HALO (high altitude, low opening). HALO jumps are usually completed at a staggering height of 15-35,000 feet (4,600-11,000 meters).

While none of the activities available offer jumps quite this high, remember that because jumps at these altitudes are reserved for military personnel, they cannot be completed by civilians (except celebrities as crazy as Tom Cruise). In fact, Cruise had to train for many weeks in vertical wind tunnels designed especially for this stunt practice. He also had the traditional military oxygen mask helmet swapped out for more attractively-designed gear, complete with a clear facepiece. What’s the point of performing his own stunts if you can’t even tell it’s him!

Where to try it

Get suited up to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at over 4000m in locations like Interlaken, Barcelona, ​​and even Paris, France! It may not be a HALO jump, but it’s still going to be an adrenaline rush of a lifetime!

The Seabreacher

For the last (but definitely   not least) Tom-worthy stunt activity, you can take a ride in the Seabreacher . This semi-submersible recreational watercraft replicates what it would feel like to navigate waters as a shark or dolphin would! (Let’s face it, you’ve dreamt of this, even if only as a child!).

This 260-horsepower water rocket is so fly because it’s like a airplane that swims! In fact, many of the same rules apply to steering the Seabreacher as do flying an aircraft. If you’re not already a trained pilot, you have to start thinking in 3D. This thing does more than just turn left and right! The Seabreacher comes equipped with not only pedals on the left and right to accelerate, but left and right levers as well. Direction of the toes is also important in controlling this 658-kg fuel-powered machine. For example, pointing the toes back angles the jet nozzle and consequently the nose up as well. 

Photo credit:

While it may sound a bit complicated at first, most of the maneuvers are quite intuitive. But hey, if it were easy, everyone would do it. Tom Cruise isn’t just anyone (and neither are you if you’re still reading).

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can use the joystick to launch yourself six meters high in the air, dive down, and perform 360-degree barrel rolls. The best feature of the Seabreacher is probably that fact that it’s a two-seater. So if you don’t quite feel like playing stunt driver, you can sit back and let a professional steer.

While the Seabreacher does sound a bit crazy, the body is designed to be extremely buoyant. This means there is plenty of room to learn. The watercraft will always right itself face-up, above the water.

Where to try it

The catch is, however, that buying your own Seabreacher will set you back at least $80,000. Luckily you can book a Seabreacher activity here and it won’t cost you quite that much to try out.

Why You Need to Try These 3 Crazy Activities

First of all, Tom Cruise would be proud. You may even be inspired to become a professional stunt person. Furthermore, everyone knows people who do crazy activities are the sexiest. So even if you don’t really feel like doing a crazy activity like skydiving, you might just come out on the other end looking famous and beautiful, just like Tom Cruise!