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Top Most Beautiful Extreme Weddings

Here is our selection of the best ceremonies and marriage proposals extreme way!

Some extreme sports enthusiasts dream of a marriage of madness on a mountain, under water or in the air! When this passion is shared with his spouse, it’s even more beautiful because we can make the leap to two. The practice of extreme sports is also an opportunity to get married in an original way.

MTB wedding
Two Italians said “yes” in nature under the eyes of their friends riders. Once the ring on their finger, they started a good dirt session in the woods. It was the bride who opened the procession, of course, and in a dress!

Wedding proposal head upside down in an airplane
This is a well planned flight! A Spanish guy decides to go on an aerobatic tour with his fiancée to make his request. Once upside down, he gives her the ring and asks her to marry him. Very happy, the future bride accepts without thinking too much …

Wakeboard Wedding Proposal
This boy makes his marriage proposal during a wakeboard session in tandem and both jump for joy, in the water!

Wedding on the slopes
The day of this wedding, each guest was on his 31 with skis before going down the track, his eyes fixed on the bride!

Wedding under the water
This couple got married among exotic fish off the Canary Islands. Guests donned their suits and scuba tanks to accompany them.

Motocross wedding
For this wedding in Poland, the motocross were in the game. From the exit of the church to the village hall, the groom’s rider friends did not get off their motorcycles.

Base jump wedding
After getting married in the blink of an eye in Las Vegas, here they are ready to take the leap together! The next day, these young spouses parachute from the balcony of their hotel room, before climbing into a luxury car.

Skateboard wedding
Skateboarding in a wedding dress should not be obvious, but this woman is doing pretty well. After their wedding, it’s skatepark session for everyone!

Wedding proposal at 3000 meters above sea level
Brandon Strohbehn and Nicole Nepomuceno made the big jump to two in San Diego. Frankly, what’s better than an extreme situation, when you’re addicted to adrenaline, to make a marriage proposal?

A surf teacher asks his girlfriend in marriage on a tidal bore.
Peter Abell surfait with his girlfriend on the Saverne (a river that crosses England) and he took advantage of having a knee on the ground (finally on the board) to make his marriage proposal

Otherwise, you can also marry the ocean
It was on Santa Monica Beach that a group of students got married to the ocean, through their University of the City teacher, Amber Katherine.

And a super surf wedding

Another one

In-line roller wedding