The Craziest Bungee Jumps in the World

Be like 007 and feel the wind in your hair as you bungee jump from the same spot featured in the 1995 Bond film GoldenEye… or go back in time and jump from the world’s first commercial bungee jump! Or simply jump out a cable car over a Swiss mountain lake surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. These are few of a long list of some of the craziest bungee jumps!

If you love heights and have a penchant for the extraordinary then head to the world’s highest dams, towers, and suspension bridges, and other astonishing spots to jump from. Bungee jumping is found the world over, and our craziest bungee jump picks are located everywhere from Oceania over Europe to Africa – take a look and get inspired!

Pretend you’re James Bond – Verzasca Dam Bungee, Switzerland

Bungee jumping Verzasca Dam Ticino

For the stunning Swiss Alps views, pop culture relevance, and an incredible thrill, head to the Verzasca Dam. Located around 10 km northeast of the picturesque lake-side city of Locarno in the south of Switzerland, this is the spot to go if you want to walk/jump in the same footsteps as the world’s greatest spy himself. This bungee jump is featured in the unforgettable opening scene of the 1995 Bond film GoldenEye, a stunt that is stuck to the collective memory and is thus a popular destination for thrill-seekers and film lovers.

This incredible feat of engineering, the Verzasca Dam, originally named the Contra Dam and opened in 1965, is a sight to behold. Head here for a jump from 220 m over the sheer-drop of the dam’s concrete wall. The Verzasca Dam bungee offers incredible thrills, jumping from one of the world’s highest commercial bungee jumping spots. This jump can even be done at night, it’s one of the only spots in the world of bungee for night-jumps!

Pretending you are James Bond will cost you CHF 195 per person.

Bungee jump from a Suspension Bridge – Niouc, Switzerland

Bungee jumping Niouc, Switzerland

The second of the craziest bungee jumps in the world is located in the middle of the charming Swiss alpine countryside, over the Navizence river. The Spider Bridge, named in reference to its criss-crossing metal design reminiscent of a spider’s web, is Europe’s current highest suspension bridge. Built in 1922, this has been a popular bungee jumping location ever since adventure activities were first allowed on it, in the mid-1990s.

At a height of 190 meters, from the Niouc Suspension Bridge Bungee, you will witness the views of the surrounding peaks of the Swiss Alps. Five of the nearby mountains stand at over 4000 m high and the world-famous Matterhorn can be seen right in front of the bridge. Get stunning views of the rocky forest-covered scenery of the surrounding Val d’Anniviers. This spot is also home to a great zipline and Europe’s highest swing.

Bungee jumping from the Niouc Bridge will cost you CHF 210.

Bungee Jump from a Hot Air Balloon – Belogradchik, Bulgaria

Bungee from Hot Air Balloon at Belogradchik

This bungee jumping activity is the ultimate adrenaline rush. Simply picture that: you get to jump from a hot air balloon over the incredible Belogradchik Rocks! These rocks are stunning natural rocks on the Balkan Mountains’ western slopes. Even though some of these rocks stand at almost 200 m in height, you can’t bungee from up there. So, head to the Belogradchik hot air balloon bungee, and bungee jump over them! See this stunning area from the skies, from a perspective only very few get to gain!

It’s a unique and thrilling experience as it combines two aerial adventures – hot air ballooning and bungee jumping. It is also a great way to see this nationally-beloved area of natural beauty. Marvel at the breathtaking reddish hues of these rocks, steeped in myth and legend. Open to groups, though only practiced by one at a time, this experience is a perfect once-in-a-lifetime activity that is best shared with (rather adventurous) friends!

Jumping from an hot air balloon costs € 137 per person.

The World’s First Commercial Bungee – Queenstown, New Zealand

First commercial bungee jump, in Queenstown, NZ

Photo Credit: AJ Hackett Bunjy Jump Website

Though not as high as the other bridges featured on this list, this spot is world-famous as it is where commercial bungee jumping originated! Go back to the sport’s roots and visit the Kawarau Suspension Bridge on the South Island of New Zealand, located around 25 km north-east of the popular adventure sports city of Queenstown. Opened in 1988 the Kawarau Bridge bungee, over the river of the same name, is also a great place to do a tandem bungee jump. Share this thrilling experience with a friend or family member – and create a truly unforgettable experience!

This bungee jump features on our list not only for its history-making but also for being a stunning jump of 43 m over the Kawarau Gorge, with stunning views of river and forest that made this such a great debut commercial jump location in the first place!

This jump will cost 205 NZ $ for adults, 155 for kids & 175 for students.

The first Bungee on the Reunion Island – Bras de la Plaine Bridge

Bungee Jumping Spot on Reunion Island

Speaking of firsts, let’s continue with the first Bungee Jumping spot on the beautiful Reunion Island. Noting that Reunion Island is part of France, this bungee jump is the second-highest in the country! From the Bras de la Plaine Bridge, you will have an exclusive view of most of the Indian Ocean, the splendid Cilaos Circus mountain ranges, and even the majestic “Piton des Neiges” volcano.

At 110 meters over the ground, your instructor will take you by walk to the bridge, then he/she will help you put on all the necessary equipment, and finally, you will take the big jump, on your own this time! Jumping from the Bras de la Plaine Bungee Jump, (try to) take the time to absorb the sheer raw beauty of the canyon below and the virgin sceneries of the Reunion Island. 

This jump costs €90 per person. If you are accompanied by friends and family interested in an activity a tad less adventurous, they can also do the amazing Skywalk on the Bridge of Bras de la Plaine.

Bungee from a Cable Car – Interlaken, Switzerland

Bungee in Interlaken from a cable car

Head up a mountain Gondola in the alpine paradise of Interlaken in Switzerland. This bungee is 6th on our list of the craziest bungee jumps in the world. And it is certainly a jump like no other.

Jump from 134 meters from this unique bungee in the Swiss Alps. Take in incredible views as you free-fall over the crystal blue waters of Lake Stockensee, with the 2190 m high Stockhorn mountain just across the lake. 

At just around a 45-minute drive from the outdoor sports capital of Switzerland, Interlaken, this mountain gondola Stockhorn bungee jump is not to be missed! Whether you fancy falling backward or jumping hands first into the void, this is definitely one of the most unique bungee jumps in the world!

This jump will cost CHF 199 per person. After having treated yourself to this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, you might want (or need) to spare your budget… Check our list of  10 cheap outdoor activities to do in Interlaken.

Bungee jumping over the World’s Most Famous Waterfall – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Bungee spot on Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

Potentially the world’s most famous waterfall, the Victoria Falls are located at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. But few know that the massive waterfalls that so inspired David Livingstone are home to one of the most impressive commercial bungee on the planet.

The 108 meters high falls are just around a slight bend from the Victoria Falls Bridge which spans the mighty Zambezi River. This is from this bridge that you get the opportunity to take part in a bucket list activity if there ever was one.
The proximity of this bungee jump to the gigantic falls is what makes it a part of the craziest bungee jumps in the world! You’ll be free-falling in the midst (or mist?) of this world-famous waterfall!

Featuring a 111-meter drop, you will free-fall for 80 meters and then experience the falls like few get to, swinging momentarily in the mist, listening to the sounds of the tumultuous waters rushing past.

Due to the falls lying between two countries, it’s important to check which visas you will need. Beyond bungee jumping, the Victoria Falls is an outdoor sports hot-spot and is definitely worth a trip, boasting incredible adventure activities such as whitewater rafting, ziplining, gorge swinging, or even helicopter flights.

Bungee jumping next to the thundering falls costs € 145 per person.

Wet Bungee Jump – Souleuvre Viaduct in Normandy, France

Man jumping off the Souleuvre Viaduc - one of the craziest bungee jumps

Free-fall from the top of the Souleuvre Viaduct and (literally) into the Souleuvre River. This old train railway bridge is now used as a bungee jumping platform and is definitely one of the craziest bungee jumps in the world! Why You may ask? It’s because you can ask your instructor to adjust the elastic cord, so you get to touch the water with your hands, or go straight into the water, up to your waist! 

Jumping from this 61-meter-high Viaduct is definitely a lifetime experience, and combines perfectly with visiting Normandy’s highlight such as the Mont-Saint-Michel or the WWII Heritage landing beaches. 

Getting your head wet will cost €99 per person.

Bungee jump, the Spanish Way – Puenting near Barcelona, Spain

Man jumping off the Sant Sadurni Bridget near Barcelona

Stemming from the word ‘puente’ (translating to “bridge”), this activity of bridge jumping is quite different from regular bungee jumping. Instead of a free-fall in a downward motion, it is characterized by its use of pendulum-like motion for an adrenaline rush. Jump from one side of the bridge, connected to specially-made ropes, and swing underneath the bridge back-and-forth, at high speed! 

This Spanish speciality (hard to come by anywhere else) is best enjoyed at the Catalonian Sant Sadurní d’Anoia Bridge Bungee, around 50 km from the city of Barcelona. The jump location is also easily accessible by public transport from Barcelona, which makes it a favorite with tourists visiting the Catalonian capital city.

Take a leap of faith and jump from the Bridge, only to find yourself on the other side (of the bridge), a mere few seconds after. You also get the chance to tandem swing with a friend if you want to share the exhilarating feeling of Puenting! 

Puenting near Barcelona costs €40 per person.

Urban Bungee – London, England

O2 bungee in the heart of London

The last on our list of the craziest bungee jumps in the world, is the famous O2 Jump, near the O2 Arena, known for its many trade fairs, concerts, and cultural exhibitions.

Head to North Greenwich, a little off the tourist track in East London, just south of the river, for a jump at 160 feet (almost 50 m) off a crane from the O2 Bungee London. Boasting incredible views of London’s iconic landmarks, such as the Thames River and the stunning architecture of the Canary Wharf business district just across the way, this is the adventure to choose when visiting England’s capital city!

This jump will cost € 90 per person.


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