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Top 3 Canyoning Spots in Corsica

In this article, you will discover the top 3 canyoning spots in Corsica. This beautiful island is the most mountainous in all the Mediterranean. Corsica is full of luminous gorges, delightful rock slides and breathtaking cliff jumps. Canyoning courses in Corsica are truly some of the best there are.

We hand-picked the best canyon from each of the three regions in Corsica. Including one canyon close to Bastia in the Northern part of the island. You can find another in the centre, near Ajaccio and the last a bit farther south in the region of Bavella. 

Canyoning Richiusa Canyon in Bocognano near Ajaccio

La Richiusa Canyon

First up on the top 3 canyoning spots in Corsica is La Richiusa Canyon, near Ajaccio. This is considered one of the most famous canyons in all of Corsica. Excursions at La Richiusa Canyon in Bocognano are very accessible, requiring only a short 45-minute walk to the entry point, and a 15-minute walk back out. Here beginners can discover all the amazing activities canyoning in Corsica offers. 

This canyoning course in the Migliarella mountain range lasts over 4 hours. Jumps are very fun and reach up to 8-metres high, but are always optional and offer alternate routes. Abseiling features are a maximum of 15 metres here and therefore are not too scary for beginners. Your guide will always be there to instruct you. Overall, this is a great spot to discover canyoning in a beautiful mountain setting.

Canyoning excursions from Ponte Leccia, Corsica

Ponte Leccia

Next on the list of the top 3 canyoning spots in Corsica is Ponte Leccia. What’s amazing about this spot is that there are 5 canyoning courses to choose from based on your skill level.

Canyoning excursions from Ponte Leccia, Corsica are always accompanied by a qualified guide who will take you on an adventure down your chosen canyon. The canyons here are especially unpopulated and make you feel as if you’re alone and one with nature.

The canyoning options range from beginner up to advanced. On beginner courses all of the obstacles are optional. Advanced options last all the way up to a full-day, with challenging slides, jumps and 50-metre abseils. 

Canyoning in Purcaraccia Canyon, Bavella, Corsica

Purcaraccia Canyon, Bavella

Last on the list of the top 3 canyoning spots in Corsica is Purcaraccia Canyon. This canyon is in Southern Corsica, near Solenzara and Zonza village, and around the corner from the famous Aiguilles de Bavella. Canyoning adventures in Purcaraccia, Corsica are perfect for beginners for several reasons.

These canyons are made of giant granite slabs of rock towering 730 metres from their peak. This kind of rock is ideal for canyoning because it creates fantastic waterslides and beautiful pools.

Firstly, Purcaraccia canyon only requires a 30-minute walk to arrive at the starting point. Secondly, the course lasts about 2.5 hours- just the right duration for beginners. Lastly, there is no return walk required. Combined with a 9-metre waterfall, this is the perfect place to enjoy thrilling moments with your friends and family! 

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