3 Best Spots to Go Coasteering in Portugal

Discover the 3 best spots to go coasteering in Portugal! This beautiful country on the southwestern coast of Europe is over 1,794 km long. The entire Portuguese territory is coastal- making Portugal an ideal destination to go coasteering!

Coasteering is an incredible new sport developed in the UK by adventurers who wanted to explore the coasts in a new way. Ordinarily, tourists and hikers visit coastlines walking to the edge of the land, but usually go no further. Access is limited to gazing out at the horizon. Some of the brave step closer to the edge and look down at the crashing waves below. 

Coasteering allows participants to take coastal exploration to the next level. Imagine walking up to the edge of a cliff, and instead of just looking, you jump several meters down into the water! Or, maybe you abseil down the side of the cliff into turquoise waves below!

This sport takes coastal enthusiasts down into the ocean where they can explore untouched caves and grottos. Coasteerers can scale the side of cliffs, swim and flow with the tides, and even encounter wildlife! It’s an amazing experience, especially with friends and family.

coasteering in portugal

Coasteering for all

What’s even more amazing is that coasteering is for everyone ages 8 and up. Instructors offer a variety of routes both for those who want to challenge themselves and for those who want a more calm coasteering adventure.

Certain locations can be a bit more challenging- but this will always be indicated beforehand.

If you’re planning a trip to Portugal, don’t miss the chance to explore the Portuguese coast. Time to book those tickets and secure a coasteering adventure! Read on to check out the top 3 best spots in Portugal to experience a coasteering excursion below.

Coasteering in Sesimbra

Sesimbra, Portugal

While all of Portugal is frankly stunning, Sesimbra is especially known for having beautiful natural scenery. Some of the most well-known sites to see are the Zambujal cave and the marvellous beaches. 

The most popular beaches in Sesimbra are Praia do Meco (which includes three beaches: Praia das Bicas, Praia do Moinho de Baixo, and Praia da Foz). Also well-known are Praia da Lagoa de Albufeira, Praia da Califórnia and Praia do Ouro.

In Sesimbra, Coasteering is one of the top-rated activities for outdoor enthusiasts. This coasteering excursion in Sesimbra is broken down into four levels which reflect the different ocean conditions and difficulty levels of the course. For instance, the Blue Line indicates good conditions for both calm water and wind.

The Blue Line course also includes an optional 8-metre coastal jump and 30-metre abseil. Because of this helpful rating system, coasteering in Sesimbra is a good place for visitors of all skill levels to enjoy this sport.

Coasteering in Arrábida National Park

Arrábida National Park

This National Park is a downright stunning coastal reserve in southern Portugal. Arrábida is packed full of wonderful beaches, such as Praia da Galapa, Albarquel Beach, and Praia dos Coelhos.

The beaches here are long stretches of white-sanded bliss, coupled with crystal-clear waters. They are also perfect spots to lay in the sun, go snorkelling and surfing.

You can also see various castles and churches in the area, such as the Convent of Santa Maria da Arrábida. This convent is a gorgeous medieval structure nestled in the hillside. Nearby, you can also find Castelo de Palmela. 

But by far, Arrábida National Park is known for having brilliant coastlines that are simply ideal for coasteering!

In Arrábida National Park, you can book this 3-hour coasteering excursion which is perfect for beginners and groups. This location takes you to caves, across zip-lines and to epic cliff-jumping spots. It’s the perfect location for coastal-loving adrenaline-hunters!

Coasteering Lagos, Costa Vicenta Natural Park

Lagos, Costa Vicentina Natural Park

Next up on this list of the top coasteering spots in Portugal is Costa Vicentina Natural Park, near Lagos. The rocky coastline of the south of Portugal in the Algarve region is the perfect spot for an ocean adventure.

Lagos boasts 300 days of sunshine along this amazing coastline made for coasteering. West of Algarve, coasteering in Costa Vicentina Natural Park near Lagos will take place right in the heart of the park.

After being picked up at a meeting point, the professional activity guides will help you gear up with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet, and shoes. 

You’ll go through a brief about weather conditions and safety before walking down to the coastline and starting your excursion. Along the way, you’ll find hidden beaches, amazing cliffs, rock formations, clear ocean waters, and you’ll learn about the marine environment and local traditions.

This is a thrilling adventure that takes you swimming in the ocean and inside sea caves. You’ll climb and walk along the rocky shoreline, and up to even do some cliff jumping!

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