8 Amazing Female Scuba Divers

Long been thought of a man’s sport, over the last decade, scuba diving is starting to get more and more women into it.  Discover some amazing female divers, not only showing the beauty of the underwater world, but truly making a difference to our oceans and the aquatic fauna.

Julia Hartle

Captain, Biologist and Diver

Certified and experienced PADI instructor and divemaster, Julia Hartle is also a professional shark safety diver and researcher for  OneOceanDiving. She first studied marine vertebrates and conservation biology before working seasonally aboard Research Vessels in the northwestern Hawaiian islands.

Her intent is to inspire appreciation for sharks by connecting citizen and scientists to understand that they are essential to the health of the ocean.  Sharks do not see people as a prey item or listen to the Jaws soundtrack for fun.

Sarah Richard

Travel and Scuba Dive Writer

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I remember the first time I ever saw a shark while scuba diving; I cried. Not from fear, but from excitement and happiness. That feeling has never left – my absolute favourite thing to do is swim with sharks – yet, when I moved to Hong Kong and found out over 100 million are killed each year JUST for their fins (for shark fin soup) those moments feel all the more distant. Will I still be able to do this in a few years? Will YOU ever have the chance to swim with them? What are we going to do about it? We have to take action, and even if that is as small as setting up a fundraiser with @Hongkongsharkfoundation to help educate and raise awareness. I hope any of you that are in Hong Kong can come and support us tonight at @rummintings and SAY NO TO SHARK FIN SOUP. ———————— #savethesharks #sharks #padi #SSI #dive #scuba #scubadive #awesome_earthpix #timeoutsociety #hotsummernights #bikini #coffeewithasliceoflife #underwaterpics #beautifuldestinations #yap #travelpics #travelstoke #sharkfinsoup #sayno #underthesea #water #swim #scubadivergirls

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Sarah has worked as one of the only female Divemasters ever, at the age of 25, in one of the scuba world’s best kept secrets; Micronesia. She  knows her way around a WW2 shipwreck like no other. She began writing about her underwater adventures on her blog and quickly got asked to write for international publications about being a woman in the dive industry.

She created an online community Girls that Scuba to bring together women all around the world and encourage them to start diving. As a volunteer for the Hong Kong Shark foundation, her passion and love for sharks and the ocean is infectious. Her next mission is to start filming and documenting her underwater journeys in some of the best dive sites in the world to show other women how amazing scuba diving truly is.

Ocean Ramsey

Shark & Marine research & Conservation

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A unique moment for a few reasons. This was #SeaJewelTigerSharks first pass by me at sunrise. I put my hand out as she passed by, to gauge her level of comfort and response to my presence and movements, she didn't turn away or towards me but dropped lower in the water column. Sharks have something called the #LateralLine and they can sense how creatures around them are moving water potentially helping them to identify if something is a prey item or another predator. Her drop away from the vessel may have been signaling to me that she was perceiving me to be an equal predator and dropping to avoid confrontation and space to investigate further. The other special things are the T-Shirt, a gift from our Chinese global Star amabassadors for shark conservation @sunnyboyyy and @dizzydizzo and their company @imperial_taels showing a younger generations efforts and desire to #coexist and help #change the way humans interact with these very #important and highly sensationalized beautiful animals. Thank you to our @oneoceanglobal ambassadors and supporters around the world sharing your voice, talents, energy, and time to helping preserve and protect sharks, ocean animals, land animals, & natural environments. #mahalo #explore #respect #protect #globalconservation Diving with @oneoceandiving @oneoceanresearch Tiger named after our #SharkSafetyDiver and fellow #sharkbiologist @seajewl PHOTO BY: @juansharks #JuanOliphant

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Growing up surfing and diving in Hawaii and San Diego, Ocean (yes, that is her real name) shared the water with sharks her entire life. She’s a professional scuba instructor, advanced free diver and surfer and now dedicates her life to observing and protecting sharks. She says:

It’s difficult to express the incredible joy and breathtaking emotion experienced locking eyes with a Great White. Watching the sharks acknowledge and observe me while I peacefully allow them to swim towards me and the experience as they accept my touch. I hope that by sharing my experiences with sharks, I might inspire others to take action and help protect these amazing creatures before it’s too late.

Nadia Aly

Ocean. Travel. Nature. Aerial. | CEO of Scuba Diver Life

CEO of the largest scuba diving website online, Nadia went from a corporate employee to her own boss.

“I was working at Google, starting my day at 8 am and finishing at 8 pm. I liked what I did and the people there but I felt my life was not aligned to who I really am. I just wanted to do what I loved, diving, and that was the one thing I didn’t have time for.”

Fours years after,  her site scubadiverlife.com attracts over 1 million viewers a month and she travels the world diving the best of the seven seas.

Becky Kagan Schott

Emmy award winning underwater cinematographer, photographer and CCR Instructor

Becky’s projects have taken her all over the globe from documenting historic wrecks in over 300 feet of water in Japan and the Great Lakes, to rappelling into caves, filming under ice in the Bering Sea and even diving cage less with Great White Sharks.

She’s been the Underwater Director of Photography on documentaries for National Geographic and RED BULL shooting cave exploration and capturing these beautiful environments in 4K.

Her experience working in remote locations around the world and facing the challenges of filming in extreme environments has earned her a reputation of producing quality images in challenging situations.

Margo Peyton

Creator of Family Dive Adventures, PADI diver for over 20 years and Professional Underwater Photo Instructor

Margo Peyton’s ability to inspire and motivate people to go beyond their self-perceived borders and discover their inner adventurer is unmatched. She is a creator and a visionary that has worked hard to support family values through creating Family Dive Adventures and Kids Sea Camp event weeks.

Her love for her children and the ocean enables her to persevere through Kids Sea Camp, providing places where families can go and dive together.

An avid diver since 1989, with over 5,000 logged dives, Margo loves working with and teaching kids. She was inducted into the Woman’s Scuba Diving Hall of fame in 2009 for her dedication and contribution to diving and educating kids.

Gemma Smith

Technical diver, Cave diving instructor, Women in diving advocate.


She is the first woman ever to dive at the world famous Antikythera Shipwreck, which yielded some of the most important ancient sculptures ever to be found on the seabed. Gemma supports woman to go beyond their limits:

“I want to say to any women who are thinking of taking up diving, be fearless! Don’t let the opinions of others hold you back! The underwater world is magical, so don’t miss the opportunity to experience it!”

– And last, but not least –

Sylvia Earle

Marine biologist, Explorer, Author, and Lecturer

The winner of the 2009 TED Prize, Sylvia is a tireless advocate for our oceans. She has been exploring them for over 60 years now!

As captain of the first all-female team to live underwater in 1970, she and her fellow scientists received a White House reception upon their return to the surface.

In 1979, she walked on the seafloor at a lower depth than any other woman before or since. Saving the ocean is her mission and she has made it her life’s purpose to educate the world on how we can all join together and save our oceans that are currently dying rapidly.

Sylvia is one of the most inspirational women living today.

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