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5 Best Dog Sledding Movies Ever Made

Discover the 5 best dog sledding movies ever made! If you’re a fan of dog sledding, a musher, or ever wanted to go dog-sledding, these are the films for you! Watch gorgeous Siberian Huskies and wolf dogs as they demonstrate their courage and strength in surviving harsh circumstances. And if you’re sitting on the couch with a furry friend, they’ll probably enjoy it to!

Iron Will

Iron Will is a 1994 film featuring a young Kevin Spacey. The story begins with the main character Will, played by Mackenzie Astin, who lives with his mother and musher father. When Will’s father dies in a tragic mushing accident, he is left alone to take care of his mother and their land.

He decides to join a dogsled race in order to make money to care for his mother and to keep their land. But at 17, he must now spend long days racing through harsh weather, especially difficult for such a young, inexperienced man.

American news reporter, Harry Kingsley (Kevin Spacey), meets Will just as he is being denied entry to the race. Harry gives him the money he needs as his opportunity to win.

This is another great family film, sure to inspire you to push beyond your limits and face your challenges head-on. If Will and his dogs can do it, so can you!

Eight Below

Next up on the list of the 5 best dog sledding movies ever made is Eight Below. The film is Disney’s remake of the 1983 Japanese film “Antarctica”.  In 1993, Jerry Shepard, played by Paul Walker, works on a research base in Antarctica, along with his team of eight sled dogs.

When a UCLA professor named Dr. Davis McClaren, arrives, He asks Shepard to take him out into the tundra so he can search for a rare meteorite. Unfortunately, problems arise when Dr. Mclaren slips, breaks his leg, and falls into the icy water.  One of the sled dogs helps pull him to safety.

Eventually, the dogs and men return back to base but are immediately evacuated leaving the dogs behind. Now the eight sled dogs must survive alone in Antarctica. Shepard struggles to get anyone to help him rescue the dogs in the brutal winter, and they have to survive for many months on their own.

This is a heartwarming tale about the love between man and dog. Shepard simply can’t forget his dogs, because after all, they are more than just his pets, they’re his companions. This is a great one to watch with a family of dog-lovers! 

The Great Alone

The Great Alone is a documentary shot in the arctic wildlands of Alaska. It follows Lance Mackey, a champion dog sled racer. Even before he was born Mackey was racing sled dogs in his mother’s stomach. 

Mackey’s father, Dick Mackey, was also a sled dog racer, as well as the co-founder of the Iditarod Anchorage-to-Nome endurance test in 1973. As the colloquial Alaskan family, Mackey Jr. dreamed of becoming a sled dog champion racer like his father.

Along Life’s journey, Mackey battles a difficult childhood and a life-threatening cancer diagnosis. 

Despite all odds, watch this four-time Iditarod winner as he attempts to compete in 2013 for his 5th victory, and ultimately become one of the greatest sled dog racers of all time.


Coming in next on this list of the 5 best dog sledding movies ever made in Togo. Starring Willem Dafoe as Leonhard Seppala, and cutie Siberian Husky Diesel as Togo, this 2019 Disney film is about a heroic sled dog, set in 1925.

When Togo is born to the Seppala family, he is small and weak, and they assume he won’t be fit to be a sled dog. As he continues to grow up, Togo becomes quite a rebellious little pup, causing chaos wherever he goes. One day, Leonhard decides to give Togo a try on the sled, and he turns out to be stronger and more energetic than all the other sled dogs!

When a diphtheria outbreak occurs, a lifesaving serum needs to be flown in from Nenana, Alaska. But severe weather conditions make flying impossible.  Eventually, Seppala is convinced to take Togo and the other dogs to collect the serum and race back. But Togo isn’t the young pup he once was, and it’s a risky endeavor. 

Togo and Leonhard encounter many difficulties along the way, but they are able to retrieve the serum successfully. Even though Togo was mistaken for another dog named Balto when they return, Togo is a hero in everyone else’s eyes!

The Courage of Kavik: The Wolf Dog

Last but not least on this collection of the 5 best dog sledding movies ever made is The Courage of Kavik: The Wolf Dog. This adorable, made-for-TV film about Kavik, a champion sled dog. After winning a big race in Alaska, he is sold to bad-guy businessman George Hunter.

When Kavik’s plane crashes in the snowy wilderness, he is left alone to survive. Luckily, a curious young boy named Andy Evans finds him and brings him home. 

The local doctor tends to Kavik’s injuries, while he bonds with young Andy. Unfortunately, Hunter comes to retrieve his expensive dog. But after experiencing so much trauma, Kavik is scared of other dogs and is quite sad to be parted with Andy.

Hunter’s kennel manager, allows him to escape, and Kavik begins a treacherous journey back to find Andy.

This is a cute tale about the love between boy and dog. If you love beautiful wolf dogs and dog sledding, this is a great film to watch!

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