10 Reasons Why You Should Start Kitesurfing

Rider Maureen Castelle gives her 10 best reasons to start kiteboarding!

About two months ago, Adrenaline Hunter Magazine outlined, thanks to the Parisian rider Marine Hunter, the 10 best reasons to start windsurfing! This time, we’ve asked the amazing rider Maureen Castelle to do the same for kiteboarding! She’s France’s 2017 champion in Kiteboard Freestyle – she scored number 6 in the world rankings in Freestyle and received sponsorship from the Takoon Kiteboarding Family. Being originally from New Caledonia, Maureen’s now delighted to share her 10 best reasons to start kiteboarding… This is a highly addictive sport and we’ll make sure that after reading this article, you won’t be able to sit still. Thank you Maureen for sharing a champion’s inspiration with us! Are you guys ready to make kite loops? Ladies and gentlemen, here we go!

Reason #1: Being Tanned All Year Round

Yes girls, if you dream of spending the whole year in your Bikini while hanging out on sandy beaches, well… start to kite! You’ll have an excuse to spend the day sunbathing between kite sessions. You can have it all: tanned skin, naturally blond hair dyed by the sun and a sexy tan line!

Maureen Castelle

Reason #2: Traveling Around the World

Kiteboarding helps you discover a lot of spots around the world. You will be out there, enjoying your total freedom and be carried away by each session! Indeed, no spot is alike and all are stunning. Well, to be fair though, I have to admit that riding in the north of the Netherlands is less enchanting than the Caribbean. But each spot has its own charm with pros and cons. Of course, there are also spots where it’s impossible to find drawbacks like BRAZIL!

Reason #3: To Become Active

Kiteboarding is also the perfect opportunity to become active! Ride for hours and you’ll see that the result is impressive: well-shaped legs, defined abs and muscular arms! And of course, as you all know, you need to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle if you want a shaped body.

Maureen Castelle

Reason #4: Meet New People

Even though kiteboarding is a sport that you practice alone, you actually never are. At each spot you’ll visit, you’ll meet lots of like-minded people who will bring lots of joy to your life. Just start a conversation about the spot and you’ll know everything about the best corners around and make new friends. Kiting is such a small world so you’ll definitely have the chance to meet  your new friends somewhere else on this beautiful planet.

Reason #5: Impress Your Friends

You have hardly started kiteboarding and you’re already flying through the air! That’s just the best thing about kite. It’s a very playful and fast learning sport – you will see that you progress very quickly in a very short period of time. Be the boss on the board and don’t miss out on impressing everyone who gets a glance at you!

Maureen Castelle

Reason #6: Being Close to Nature

The ocean is your playground, so preserve it. Kiteboarding also means practicing a sport with natural energy. The wind will be your best ally and the water your greatest support, so just know how to respect them. Kiteboarding among turtles, dolphins and even whales, but also breathtaking sunsets… Everything is possible indeed, and you will be amazed to see what nature has to offer.

Reason #7: Meet lots of guys…

Let’s admit it, kiteboarding is still a male-dominated sport. But there are advantages, I tell you why!
When you are a girl and you arrive on a spot, you will never be in trouble! There will always be a nice guy to lend you his pump or help you take off your kite, and even on the water you won’t have to worry. You don’t even need to learn body dragging to get back your board, because it comes back by itself. Not really actually! A nice man will always be happy to bring it back to you. I even suspect that some of them get tangled with you on purpose and then help you an hour or so to unravel your lines – smart of them.

Reason #8: Feel as Free as the Air

Hair blowing in the wind, sea sprays touching your face… You are now facing the ocean! Enjoy a unique sensation of gliding and freedom at every session. You can go wherever you want, the possibilities are endless. Empty your mind and let yourself be guided by the wind. No more worries, there’s just you and the infinitely flat horizon.


Maureen Castelle

Reason #9: Independence

There’s nothing easier than kiteboarding! You take your kite and board under your arm and you don’t need anyone. If you need to unwind and no one wants to come with you, that’s not a problem! You can still go on the spot with your equipment and have a short kite session. You are independent and nothing or nobody can stop you from riding whenever you want!


Reason # 10: It’s a Multifaceted Sport

Of all the possibilities that kite can bring you, I am sure you will find the discipline that will give you the adrenaline and thrills you are looking for. You can for example surf in the waves, fly, ride as fast as possible, perform complicated tricks, or just ride around. So don’t hesitate anymore and start kiteboarding!


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