Top 10 spots for paragliding in Africa

In this little world tour of the best tandem paragliding spots in Africa,  discover the 10 best spots in Africa to observe the magnificent landscapes from the air. Go find the best conditions for your tandem flight on crazy spots, sometimes little known, which are really worth deploying a paraglider wing !

1 * South Africa: Cape Town

Cape Town, Cape Town, Mother City… This city has many names and even more opportunities for  tandem paragliding flights  ! The second largest city in South Africa, Cape Town has become one of the main events for extreme sports in the world.
Most  paraglider flights  depart from different take-off areas in Table Mountain National Park (Table Mountain).
Among the best known, Signal Hill or the Lion’s Head make perfect take-  off points  for your  paragliding baptisms  with your  certified instructors at the helm . You follow the winds to try, in a flight to have a glimpse of Table Mountain, the City Bowl and the Skeleton Gorge at the same time!
Of course, there are multiple  take-off areas  around the Cape and your  paragliding instructors  will take you to the best spot according to the  weather conditions  and your desires.
Either way, you will undoubtedly have a breathtaking view of the long beaches on the edge of the South Atlantic Ocean, comfortably seated in the  harness of the two-seater paraglider .

Why go there?
See Cape Town from the air while taking flight from the impressive Table Mountain National Park, it’s already a perfect argument to book your  paraglider flight  !
Weather conditions are often ideal for  tandem paragliding  or  solo paragliding  all year round with winds that blow continuously over the ocean.

When to go there?
The  high season of paragliding  in Cape Town is from November to February but  tandem paragliding flights  can be scheduled all year round by the numerous  paragliding schools in  Cape Town thanks to mild weather conditions and permanent winds.

Book your paragliding flight to Cape Town by clicking here. 

2 * Namibia: Swakopmund

Namibia is a treasure in the world of paragliding . A unique playground and experience for lovers of extreme sports, the country offers you opportunities for paragliding baptisms on some of the most beautiful flying sites in the world.
Go to the paragliding spot of Swakopmund for a tandem flight over the superb dunes between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. This belt of sand on the coast of the South Atlantic Ocean is observed with delight from the air, comfortably seated in the harness of the two-seater paraglider . Paragliding for all levels, from first flights to solo flight .
The dunes, up to 500 meters high, offer multiple options for
During your paragliding baptism , your professional instructor with whom you share the harness will direct the levers of the wing of the paraglider and use the winds typical of the coast, the Benguela Current or Southwestern to make you take the height. With a little luck, your tandem flight will allow you to see the elusive elephants of the desert or the whales that catch air from the surface of the ocean. You will discover under your feet both the Atlantic Ocean and the arid cuttings of the desert … An incredible environment for aUnforgettable paragliding flight !

Why go there?
To discover the sublime paragliding flight environment over the sand dunes that stretch from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay.
To embark on an exhilarating and exotic aerial adventure , in complete safety with a certified paragliding instructor .
You will be able to find a bit of solitude and calm in the dunes for the duration of your paragliding flight since their access is regulated to avoid excessive crowds.

When to go there?
In the Namib-Naukluft National Park, paragliding schools recommend flying a tandem between October and March to benefit from perfect weather conditions for paragliding .

3 * South Africa: George

Direction the Garden Route, Garden Route, for a tandem paragliding flight of madness , between land and sea! Many paragliding schools have put their wings and harnesses on the South African coast, between Mossel Bay and Knysna. This ultra-dynamic region in terms of extreme sports is a top playground for all lovers of paragliding  !
Often, you will take off on the take-off areas of Wilderness or Sedgefield to hover, led by your paragliding instructor harnessed with you , over the Garden Route National Park.
In Wilderness, the preferred take-off area fortandem flights is that of Kleinkrantz. From this point, you hover over the superb sand dunes that stretch along the coast and reach Paradise Ridge, from where you can easily see the marine flora and fauna on the surface of this intersection between the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean, whales and sharks … all from the harness of your tandem paraglider .
Leaving from George to reach the take-off spot at Tolberg, which promises you a superb tandem flight in the thermal baths . The paragliding sitefrom the heights overlooking the city of George is particularly accessible and offers you an aerial view of the valleys that extend to the ocean.
Depending on the weather conditions, you can decide with your paragliding instructor to go to the take-off sites around the village of Knysna and its superb lagoon to fly over the forests in a mystical atmosphere and perhaps get a glimpse of the Big Tree about 800 years old.
Whatever spot you choose, you fly over one of the most beautiful paragliding spots you can imagine, steeped in history and with almost always perfect flight conditions !

Why go there?
Discover the Garden Route in a unique way and be able to gorge yourself in the beauty of its natural and green landscapes in a single glance from your paraglider that hovers over the hills and oceans.

When to go there?
You can fly a paraglider on the coast around George all year round, in top aerological conditions all the time!

4 * Morocco: High Atlas


The High Atlas is one of the craziest paragliding spots in Morocco! You are only a few hours’ drive from Marrakech and most paragliding schools take you directly from your hotel to the take-off area .
A warm wind blows from the North-West on the various take-off sites of the High Atlas. Depending on the conditions, you will depart from the following paragliding spots : Aguergour, Ait Ourir, Toufliat or Mzouda. No matter which one you choose for your twin-paraglider flight , you can take advantage of the thermals to gain height and fly longer with yourprofessional paragliding instructor at the wing levers  !
Fly over the Berber lands and glimpse a piece of the desert as you evolve on the different paragliding spots of this mountain range. From the air, you will be able to recognize some of the typical villages of the region that you have encountered on your way there and your paragliding instructor will often be happy to tell you what he knows about the flora and fauna. that you will have under your feet.

Why go there?
For the desert atmosphere of this impressive paragliding spot a few kilometers from the bustle of Marrakech. It is a high place of paragliding flight in Morocco and you will find there the calm and freedom of any tandem flight increased tenfold by the ocher landscapes with steep relief.

When to go there?
You can fly over the Moroccan High Atlas from November to May. If you are embarking on a paragliding trip lasting several days, think that you are in an area with a desert climate and that the nights are particularly cool, even when you have spent the day flying in a tandem paragliding t-shirt!

5 * Madagascar 

Get away from the beaches of Madagascar and discover the forests of the island from the air with a tandem paraglider flight  !
Madagascar, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is larger than France… We let you imagine the opportunities for paragliding  ! All around the island, there are reliefs and peaks that allow you to take off , accompanied by a paragliding instructor for an unforgettable first flight on sublime flight spots above the Nature Reserves!
One of the most suitable paragliding sites for tandem flyingis located in Antsirabe, 1500 meters above sea level. The city in the middle of the volcanoes gives you access to multiple paragliding takeoff areas with relatively low elevations which makes the practice of tandem paragliding quite easy! The flight conditions are often there for a baptism of magical paragliding , surrounded by the flora and fauna endemic to the island of Madagascar.

Why go there?
The unique flora and fauna of Madagascar make a magical setting for all your tandem paragliding flights  !
The paragliding schools offer very often do you travel around the island to discover the different paragliding spots and the local culture, the best for a holiday feeling!

When to go there?
To make the most of the paragliding flight season in Madagascar, it is better to plan a departure in April / May or September to December, before the rainy season.
Doing your first paraglider in summer is possible but it is also the period of the trade winds and if the wind is too strong, your paragliding instructors could decide to postpone the flight.

6 * Morocco: Agadir 

The practice of paragliding flight in Agadir is recent but already offers great opportunities for a tandem flight  !
The schools of paragliding you generally take on more distant spots of Agadir to access the wildest landscapes along the Atlantic Ocean. The various paragliding sites are very accessible and the dunes, cliffs or small coastal mountains make take-off areas ideal for a tandem paragliding flight , with slight elevations of around 300 meters.
On the paragliding spots of Tifnit or Tin Mansour, for example, you fly along the cliffsof sand, in the Souss Moussa Natural Park to land on the beach. Exotic for a paragliding baptism , right?
By going to the Km 25 paragliding spots in Taghazout, or in Imsouane, you meet the population of surfers once your paragliding instructor makes the landing on the beach and will see during your tandem paragliding flight , your winged fellow kitesurfers who take advantage of the perfect aerological conditions of this region in the South of Morocco, like you!
You soar above the sand dunes of South Saharan and discover the world of the Amazigh Berbers from the harness of your two-seater paraglider for an enriching and downright exotic experience.

Why go there?
The Moroccan desert and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean are a magical spectacle seen from the air by paraglider . It is a spot rich in history where the relief highlights the hidden treasures around Agadir.

When to go there?
By the sea, it is possible to fly by paraglider all year round!

7 * Mauritius

The postcard landscapes of Mauritius are known around the world, how about exploring all the most beautiful spots in tandem paragliding to change a bit?
The tropical climate and the volcanic relief make the island a perfect playground for free flight enthusiasts . You will inevitably find the perfect opportunity to perform your first paragliding flight there in magical conditions.
You generally take flight in the Mascarene Islands , these high rocky ridges in the heart of the island, in the middle of breathtaking wild vegetation when you observe it from your two-seater paraglider harness hundreds of meters above the ground.
The Long Mountain is the best known spot for paragliding, but depending on weather conditions, you can also go to the Pouce Mountain, at the top of Pieter Both or Le Morne. The paragliding instructors on site are there to listen to your wishes and will make your free flight experience unforgettable!

Why go there?
The tandem paragliding flight in Mauritius makes your stay there magical. The beauty of the landscapes that stretch out under your feet, between an ocean of incredible color and tropical forest that climbs the steep and volcanic terrain of the heart of the island make any paragliding baptism a waking dream.

When to go there?
It is best to avoid the trade winds season to be sure to fly a paraglider in good conditions. The tandem paragliding season therefore extends from September to the end of April.

8 * South Africa: Drakensberg

Take off in a
tandem paraglider from the highest peak in South Africa for an unforgettable flight  ! The Drakensberg, Dragon Mountains, from where you can take off , is located in the east of South Africa, inland, far from the “beach” atmosphere that one generally imagines. country.
There, it is rather a steep atmosphere, of greenery and large valleys that awaits you during your first flight in a paraglider  ! Enjoy the view of the Kwazulu-Natak hills taking off the grassy slopes of Bulwer (Amahwaqa).
The microclimate of the Great African Escarpment allows you to always have top paragliding flight conditions . YourParagliding instructors will always know where to take you to find the wind.
It is a magical paragliding experience that awaits you as you soar, safely , over the plains of the Marutsa, Marwaqa or Indhloveni Nature Reserves. Take advantage of it, your gaze sweeps over a huge area as the two-seater paraglider led by your professional instructor glides over open terrain in the heart of a mythical mountain range!

Why go there?
Take off in a paraglider and explore a new facet of South Africa, on the border with Lesotho, it’s worth the detour!
This paragliding site just a few hours from Durban is of pure beauty and the winds are varied for maximum pleasure and sensations!

When to go there?
The paragliding schools offer tandem flights all year. Whatever the season, you can take off by paraglider from different spots and benefit from often perfect weather conditions.

9 * Mozambique 

The coast of Mozambique is full of natural treasures to discover from the air in a tandem paraglider  ! You usually take off with a professional paragliding instructor . The flights take place on the southern tip of Mozambique , Ocean side than in the Maputo Bay to enjoy the winds from the sea.
The particularity of paragliding sites near Maputo, from Ponta do Ouro to Ponta Dobela via Malongane is that the dunes on the seafront are covered by vegetation! This barely believable decor will make your paragliding baptism unique. There are many take-off sites for the tandem paragliderand you will be able to vary the decorations and atmospheres. Depending on the weather conditions, your paraglider instructors can take you to different free flight spots to find the best winds. You generally benefit from perfect flight conditions , under the sun, facing the Mozambique Channel which stands out in the Indian Ocean.
Animals are often present at the meeting. After your tandem paraglider flight , quietly led by your free flight instructor , if you pass by the Mkumbe Nature Reserve, you will certainly see a herd of zebras munching on the abundant vegetation.

Why go there?
Nature has all the rights on this wild coastline which is explored with pleasure during a whole day of paragliding in tandem. The vast expanse of coastline and the numerous beaches of southern Mozambique offer so many opportunities to find THE spot for a tandem paraglider flight made for you!

When to go there?
You can perform a paragliding initiation all year long provided that the aerological conditions are met: Southwest wind and a force of less than 10 knots, for a safe paragliding practice!

10 * Togo

Go to the smallest country in Africa for a unique paragliding adventure ! This spot is still little known, but many paragliding schools in France and elsewhere offer trips to discover the enchanting landscapes of this multifaceted country.
You take off from a paragliding take-off area 986 meters above sea level north of Lomé, the capital. You therefore move away from the coast of the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean to go further inland and make your tandem paragliding flight with a certified instructor at the controls  !
The mountainous area of ​​southwestern Togo sees new ones every yearParagliding takeoff sites open. By taking off from the main spot , Mont Agou, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the green plateaus that you will fly over during your tandem flight .
Take the time to appreciate the total escape during your tandem paragliding flight , your professional instructor will make you see the tropical forests and impressive waterfalls of the Plateaux Region… for your greatest happiness!

Why go there?
To get off the beaten track of paragliding . If you are looking for a brand new playground for your aerial explorations with paragliding professionals , this is the place for you, far from the mainstream and armored paragliding spots of the world!
To discover a new rich culture with an activity still developing in the country.

When to go there?
It is rather recommended to go to Togo from October to April, during the dry season, to be sure to have time to enjoy a tandem paragliding flight in the best possible conditions.

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