Top 5 Coolest Spots Worldwide to Ride Quads!

ATV, quads, buggies, oh my!

ATV’s, also known as all-terrain vehicles, can refer to anything from 4×4 quads, to buggies, to 2-wheel motorcycles. Quads and buggies in particular are especially great because everyone can drive them (or at least ride on the back!). Driving a buggy is similar to driving a car, and can usually fit 2-4 people. A quad also feels similar to driving a car, but the rider needs to shift their weight in order to maneuver properly. In this way, driving a quad can be slightly more difficult, but not very much so!

A 2-wheel motorcycle is just a bit more difficult to ride, because it requires manual transmission control. The rider needs to be able to control the clutch, shift gears with their foot, and control the throttle and grip. It’s a little trickier, but just requires a little practice!

No matter what kind of ATV you chose, they are a ton of fun. ATV’s offer a new way to see the sights. While the wind blows in your hair, it is impossible not to smile. You can ride on unique terrains not accessible by car. That also means you can get to beautiful destinations which most others can only dream of!

If you want to try riding an ATV, or already know know how, there is no better holiday plan than selecting one of these epic spots to go ATV riding! Check out the first destination on the list you must visit- Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland!

Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland

With only 291 residents, Vík í Mýrdal is tiny town on the Southern coast of Iceland. Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is 187 km from Vik í Mýrdal, so getting there involves a bit of a drive. But the stunning black sand beaches and iconic sites are well worth the trip!

Vík í Mýrdal, which means ‘the bay’ , in Icelandic, is also known as Vik. Vik sits just below the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and Katla, a subglacial volcano. The black sand beach called Reynisdrangar, is actually made of basalt lava, and sits up against the cliffs of Mount Reynisfjall. This beach was named by Islands Magazine as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world! Reynisdrangar is  also a nesting spot for Puffin birds during the summer.

Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck is another famous site to visit- primarily because pop singer Justin Bieber filmed one of his music videos here. It has become a prime destination for taking photos for posting on Instagram!

For adventure lovers, however, just standing by idly doesn’t usually provide enough thrills to satisfy. This is why Vík í Mýrdal is the first recommendation on this list the top places in the world to take a quad excursion

Why choose Iceland for your ATV trip

As one of the only black sand beaches in the world, this is an epic spot to feel the adrenaline and see the beautiful glaciers. You will ride ATV’s over the black sand beach, through the snow, and across rivers on the way to see the Katla Volcano. 

This excursion even allows for a stop at the famous plane wreck to take once in a lifetime photos. The quad tour is suitable for families, as well! Driver’s licenses are required to operate the ATVs, but young children can ride in front or back of the driver to enjoy the trip as well.

Cape Town, South Africa

Located on the Southwest coast of South Africa, Cape Town, in the province of western Cape comes in next spot on the list of the most amazing places to ride ATVs! Considered the mother city of Africa, the city itself is famous for quite a few things- the first being Table Top mountain.

300 million years ago, this mountain was still at sea level, and during an ice age, sheets of ice gradually sanded the sandstone down, giving it the flat top it has today. Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak sit just above Table Top Mountain, and down below is Table Bay.

Cape Town is also famous for Robben Island- the prison Nelson Mandela was once held at, and is now a museum!

Many surfers come here for amazing surf – brave surfers, that is. Cape Town is an alluring spot for sharks- they love the warm water and the sights here, too! Some of the most popular beaches are Dunes, Crans Beach Break, and The Hoek. There are surf breaks for both beginners, and advanced surfers, who can visit beaches such as Llandudno, and Off the Wall.

Why choose Cape Town for your ATV trip

ATV excursions here combine both the fun of riding on 4 wheels, and the thrill of the surf as well. This Cape Town surf and quad combo excursion, for instance, takes you on an epic, all-day trip through 4 x 4 tracks and beaches. After the ride, you will head down to a surf school where you can learn to stand up on your first wave! Or if you’re already an experienced surfer, you can catch as many waves as possible in the stunning, turquoise blue waters.

Marrakech, Morocco

Nicknamed the red city , Marrakech is a colorful gem just slightly inland on the Western coast of Morocco. It is also just a short trip South of Casablanca. This desert oasis is full of traditional medinas, exotic hotels with crystal-clear swimming pools, and deserts. Founded in 1017, the city holds ancient history and architecture as well. Some of the mosques here, such as Bahia Palace, and Koutoubia Marrakech, are the most ornate places one can ever see. You can also find lush, expansive gardens inside their walls.

A popular site to visit is the Majorelle Garden, a botanical garden which sits on a massive stretch of land. This botanical garden boasts 300 exotic species of plants. The Islamic, Spanish, and Moorish gardens were once owned by Yves Saint Laurent. The famous designer called Marrakech home for almost 30 years. The gardens also now house an Yves Saint Laurent museum, opened in 2017.

Why choose Marrakech for your ATV trip

Taking a quad or a buggy ATV to the desert is like taking your Ferrari to the Autobahn. Where else can you ride full-throttle through the exotic ocher sands of Africa, swerving in and out of palm trees?

Here you can let loose on an ATV excursion in soft, white sand dunes and red sandy flats. The best part is that this ATV ride in the Agafay desert gives you the chance to ride a camel afterwards, too!

Tuscany, Italy

Boasting seven UNESCO world-heritage sites, Tuscany is referred to as the birthplace of Italian Renaissance. This nature, art and wine lover’s paradise undoubtedly belongs on the list of top places to go ATV riding. Well-known for rolling green hillsides in Val d’Órcia, giant Italian Cypress trees and heaping plates of pasta, Tuscany is a must-visit. 

The idyllic Italian region sits on the Western coastline of the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, across from the Tuscan archipelago. It is among the most popular cities to visit in all of Italy, including Florence, Pisa, and Rome. Pisa, of course, being known for the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa .

In the countryside of Tuscany, the Saturnia Hot Springs make a relaxing place to visit. You can visit the sunflower fields- which are luckily hard to miss. This summer bloom can be seen from the road side, driving anywhere from Florence to Sienna in the Maremma region.

Why choose Tuscany for your ATV trip

With all the exquisite nature Tuscany offers, it’s the perfect spot to take one of the ride of your life. Since The Tuscan region is known for global wine exports, this spot is perfect place to go wine tasting and take a quad excursion ! While it’s most likely you won’t be getting massive air like in the photo above, the wine-tasting might just increase your chances a little!


Dubai, UAE

The last, but not least, amazing destination is Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This middle-eastern paradise is located east of the Arabian peninsula, on the coast of the Persian Gulf. 

Dubai has an extremely wealthy economy, mostly due to an incredible amount of oil reserves. But Dubai wasn’t always as beautifully developed as it is now.

This fantastic city was first established as a fishing village in the 18th century. It wasn’t until 1966, after years of exploration, that the massive, offshore oils reserves were found. Within 7 years, the city population had grown over 300%.

Infrastructure development exploded, and businesses developed quickly. Now, Dubai is the self-proclaimed business center of all Western Asia. The powerhouse is indeed a major international trade center. Dubai is also home to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, stretching 828 meters into the sky. 

Because of the dry landscapes and sandy dunes, heat is absorbed quickly here. Dubai can get hot – up to 45 ° C! But it offers 900,000 sq miles of desert just waiting to be played in.

Why choose Dubai for your ATV trip

Just steps outside the city center, you can take an epic ATV quad tour. Cruise along the exotic coastlines with your friends and family. The tour ends at a traditional Bedouin tent for fragrant Arabic coffee and dates, a middle-eastern delicacy!

If you’re an ATV lover, or are ready to start riding one, hopefully you are convinced to give it a try at one of these legendary locations!