Top Places to try Tandem Skydiving in the UK

Feel the wind on your face as you freefall at over 100mph, soaring through the air and chasing that adrenaline rush. Tandem Skydiving is the perfect almost-solo adventure, as, though you’ll be strapped to your instructor, you’ll be the only one of the two of you experiencing this thrill for the first-time! This exciting sport offers the chance to gain a whole new perspective of the world, showing you countryside and city sights from a whole different vantage point. Check out our top locations to try this incredible aerial adventure sport, tandem skydiving, in the UK.

Photo Credit: Simon Lee

Cumbria, England

One of the most popular spots in the UK for tandem skydiving is Cumbria. This beautiful, scenic and predominantly rural county in the north-west of England is home to the picturesque Lake District National Park and the historically-significant ruins of the Roman-built Hadrian’s Wall, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. In amongst all of this history and the stunning wild landscapes that this region has to offer, is a great dropzone at the former RAF station, Cark airfield, just to the south of the Lake District, bordering Morecambe Bay. From here, tandem skydivers gain stunning views of the region’s famous Lake Windermere, (seen in the photo above), and its surrounding areas of natural beauty. Where better to jump from 15,000ft?


Hull, England 

Head to the North Lincolnshire town of Hibaldstow, around a 40 minute drive south-west of the maritime city of Hull, for a tandem skydiving experience you’ll never forget. Boasting an old WWII airfield for a drop zone, and jumps from heights of 15,000ft, this is the place to go! In close proximity to a number of cities in northern England, such as Hull, Scunthorpe – a 20 minute drive away, Lincoln – a 30 minute drive away and Doncaster – a 40 minute drive away, this is a beautiful and highly accessible dropzone.

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Bridlington, England

Head just outside of the quaint Yorkshire seaside town (and Lobster Capital of Europe) of Bridlington, for some epic tandem skydiving opportunities… Yorkshire has a number of great dropzones and this one at East Leys Farm offers particularly sensational views of the Yorkshire coastline, from 10,000ft. Gain incredible panoramas of this vastly overlooked, yet incredibly beautiful coast on the North Sea, as well as the region’s areas of natural beauty such as the Flamborough Headland Heritage Coast – famous for its beautiful white chalk cliffs (seen in the photo above). This unassuming, quiet coastal town, with its picture-postcard fishing boats and quintessential English seaside town atmosphere, is the last place you’d expect an epic dropzone like this!


Lowestoft, Skydiving destination UK

Lowestoft, England

The Beccles Airfield, just outside of the sunny seaside town of Lowestoft, in Suffolk in the East of England, offers some incredible tandem skydiving experiences. Take to the skies and jump from 13,000ft above this gorgeous East Coast area, for some epic freefall and views of the Suffolk coastline, and of the beautiful nearby Benacre National Nature Reserve.

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St Andrews, Scotland

Golf automatically comes to mind when you first think of the stunning coastal town of St Andrews, doesn’t it? This beautiful, historical and cultural hub in the north-east of Scotland may be world-famous for this course-based ball-sport, but the skies above these lush green courses offer some fantastic sights and incredible thrills in the form of tandem skydiving. Just 22 miles south-west of the town is a popular Scottish dropzone, at Fife Airport, nestled between the Lomond Hills Regional Park, the picturesque Loch Leven (seen in the photo above) and the clear waters of the North Sea on the Fife coastline. See miles and miles of beautiful Scottish countryside as you jump from 10,000ft at this perfect skydiving location!


Swansea, Wales, Skydiving UK destinations

Photo Credit: Mike Straw

Swansea, Wales

A scenic coastal city in the south of Wales and the second largest city in the country, Swansea is a great place to visit for culture and outdoor experiences. Just east of the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the first area in the UK to be named an AONB – famous for its rugged coastline and dune ecosystems, is a fantastic dropzone, at Swansea Airport, offering stunning views of this magnificent area. Jump from 15,000ft above sights such as the nearby culturally-significant town of Mumbles (seen in the photo above), famous for its Victorian pier, and take in the beauty of the surrounding bays and beaches.


Salisbury, Stone Henge UK

Photo Credit: Sung Shin

Salisbury, England

Famous for its proximity to the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site of Stonehenge, this city in the south-west of England, is home to fantastic skydiving opportunities. Just 3 miles outside of the city, you can take to the skies from the Old Sarum Airfield and jump from 10,000ft or 15,000ft for second-to-none views of the beautiful county of Wiltshire. Tandem skydiving jumps from this dropzone offer the chance to see the nearby Cranbourne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the city of Salisbury itself, from far above – a perspective not many get to gain!


Perranporth UK, Skydiving destinations

Photo Credit: Karen Uppal

Perranporth, England

You may have heard of Cornwall, the stunning rural county on the southwestern tip of England, in regards to its glorious stretches of beaches and great surfing opportunities, but it’s also home to a number of dropzones worth checking out. Just 2 miles outside of this gorgeous seaside resort town, home to some of the country’s best beaches, is Perranporth Airfield from where you can try some great tandem skydiving with phenomenal views of the Cornish coastline and its world-renowned beaches.

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