Favorite Winter Surf Destinations by Shakabay


Winter is there, we are now sure of it – the water and weather are getting chiller and chiller in Europe. If you’re not a fan of cold water and runny nose, the idea of running away to chase perfect waves somewhere warm is definitely becoming more appealing to us.

If winter for you means dipping your toes in warm sand or if you simply want to change form the routine this year and escape to a place where your swimsuit is the only piece of clothing need, check the best winter surf trip destinations handpicked with love by the team at Shakabay.



Canary Islands

If you are looking for a budget-friendly surf trip, why not take advantage of what Europe has to offer? Having been nicknamed the “Hawaii of Europe”, this Spanish archipelago off the coast of Morocco offers year-round warm weather and consistent surf.

The main surfing season lasts from September through April. Between November and February is the period when the best waves hit the islands, their coasts being exposed to North Atlantic swells. Depending on your surfing level, you can easily find the perfect spot for you.

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If you’re looking for less crowded spots and a more authentic experience, Senegal should be on your bucket list. While Morocco’s coasts are packed up of surfers, Senegal’s world class waves are still uncrowded, but get the same swells as their Northern African neighbor. Easy to reach, Dakar is surrounded by great surf spots and you’ll be surprised by the laid-back vibe in the water. Don’t get fooled by the warm temperature though: as you now, Atlantic Ocean can be chilly in wintertime, so don’t forget your springsuit just in case.

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Costa Rica

If you dream about 30°C degrees warm waters, tropical weather and La Pura Vida vibes, Costa Rica is the place for you. Between December and April is the dry season. In this period you can find powerful swells in the Caribbean Coast and still consistent swells in the Northern region, where you’ll be baffled by the diversity of breaks to explore and entertain any level of surfer.

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Sri Lanka

When everybody is headed off to Bali, why not taking the chance to escape to the quieter and more relaxed Sri Lanka? With its white sanded beaches and warm weather, this is the perfect winter get-away destination. While Sri Lanka offers good swimsuit-friendly surf all-year-round, from October to April you should travel to the South West Coast, where you can find great spots for all surf levels.

Good to know: when the West Coast has the best conditions, rainy season is hitting the Eastern side; if waves and weather are the best on the East Coast, it is rainy season in Southwestern Sri Lanka.

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