Alpine Running with the trio of Mountains Legacy

Mountains legacy is a collective of athletes and above all three friends of 24 years old: Jordan, Florent and Cédric. These three outdoor sports enthusiasts have made the alpine running their specialty. They also use their second passion for filmmaking  to record their sessions.

Alpine running, what is it? A mix between extreme racing and climbing.

Their dream ? Running through the most beautiful peaks in the world and share their passion in video and photos.

Meet the famous three “peaks hunters!”

Can you briefly describe your project ?

Mountains legacy is literally “the legacy of the Mountains.” That comes right from our origins! We come from sporty families and were initiated very young to outdoor activities, whether in the mountains or at sea. It has always pushed us to live outside between friends, and that’s what we love to convey through our collective.

Today, we live thanks to our passion through Mountains Legacy Production, specialized in creating outdoor content, to accompany athletes and sports brands!

Alpine Running … what is this concept?

We love that it’s a mix of climbing and skyrunning. We are addicts of beautiful peaks. We all have been running from a very young and the evolution of Trail has pushed to experience the mountain differently. We are also videographers giving importance to the aesthetics of the sport, trying to highlight the Man in his natural environment. With technological advances, both in sports and digital equipment, we can travel very light and capture unforgettable moments.

Your first adventure together?

We’ve known each other since very young, but the first real challenge together was 3 years ago when we did the GR20 in 4 days. For those who don’t know this trail, it is the north / south diagonal crossing of Corsica. It is about 180 km and is more than 15,000 meters of D+ through the mountains.

We left very very light with a small bag each, enough to put shorts, a shirt and a jacket. It was a great adventure, with a lot of hassle, emotions and surpassing ourselves…

A tip for those who want to practice Alpine Running?

Run a lot… and a lot!

More seriously, it is a long training on highly technical trails. We do a lot of climbing and have a specific indoor training (proprioception and muscle building).

We think one should have some humility facing the mountain and know when to give up when risks are not controlled. You become confident in your sport when respecting the mountain and the basic rules.

Your favorite place on Earth?

There are many. Florent has a vacation home in Corsica lost in the thicket of Solenzara, where we can cut ourselves from the outside world. It’s a great way for retourning to the sources,  between barbecues and extreme trails between buddies.


Your perfect Sunday?

Watch the sunrise from our family cottage in the Southern Alps and take the opportunity to run through a nice steep ridge. Then, come back in the afternoon to Marseille and catch up the last rays of sunshine with a drink between friends on a small boat off the coast.

Your dream dinner-party guests ?

A big brunch with Kilian Jornet, Candide Thovex, Travis Rice and Jimmy Chin… We would have so much to talk about !

Your next project?

It will be in April 2017. We will start a movie about the mountaineer and sports man Ara Khatchadourian, who notably climbed Everest last year.

Next pretty crazy project: connect Marseille to Yerevan in Armenia, running more than 5000 kilometers in less than 100 days … running through 15 different countries!

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