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Top 13 Most Amazing Ziplines in the World

If you’re searching for the best places to go ziplining, look no further than this curated collection of the top 13 most amazing ziplines in the world! We hand-picked the fastest, highest, and most beautiful locations for ziplining across the planet.

Did you know that ziplining is not only used for fun? It has historically been used for practical purposes. In Australia for instance, ziplines are known as “Flying Foxes” down under. The Aussies once used zip lines to transport necessities to people across entire valleys.

Today, even the Bolivians in Yungas use a system of zip-lines to transport harvested crops across a valley 200 metres below.  The same methods are used in India, Nepal and other Latin American countries. European countries often use ziplines to transport goods across rivers.

While zip lines can be functional, they are obviously a great source of entertainment. Read on to discover the first zip line on this list in Italy.

Zip lining in Italy

San Vigilio di Marebbe, Kronplatz, Italy

Kronplatz, Italy is a beautiful place to take a zipline through the snowy Alpine peaks of the Italian Dolomites. This holiday region is a favourite destination for vacationers in both winter and summer.

This zipline adventure in San Vigilio di Marebbe takes you through a circuit of 10 different zip lines for over 3200 meters in length. Dangling at a height of over 100 metres high, Kronplatz zipline is a high-adrenaline, super fun way to see all of Puster Valley and the picturesque ski resorts in the Tyrol mountain region.

Table Mountain Zipline, Cape Town, South Africa

Strap into a harness, and step off the platform for a spectacular zip line in the next destination, Cape Town South Africa. Quite simply, zip lining is the ideal way to discover the best panoramic views of Cape Town’s mountains.

Stunning Canopy Cape Town Tour ziplines are located deep in the South African mountains in the Kogelberg UNESCO World Heritage Site. These ziplines will take you gliding through Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve. Part of Cape Town Nature reserve, peaks here reach altitudes of 500 to 1590 metres.

This Silvermist Estate zipline adventure in Cape Town is full of amazing things to see. This includes the famous Table Mountain, Robben Island, and the many beaches that line that coast. Ziplining adventures in Cape Town take you along the peninsula, and up into the hills of Table Top mountain in an off-road 4X4 vehicle. From there you’ll ride through a series of 12 zipline platforms, one of which is over 155 meters high! You can also check out this video of Ziplining in Cape Town to get an idea of the beauty Cape Town holds.

Bovec Zipline, Slovenia

The next location on this list is the relatively unknown Eastern-European paradise of Bovec, Slovenia. Adrenaline junkies rejoice- Bovec is home to one of the biggest zipline parks in all of central Europe, with two zipline options to choose from.

The first is Bovec Zipline in Učja valley. Here you can ride 10 ziplines of varying lengths (250 – 600 metres) stretched over the Učja canyon. Delight in panoramic views of Soča valley and Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak.

The second zipline is located at Mt. Kanin in Krnica valley, Slovenia. This Mt. Kanin zipline adventure extends between two giant peaks- Mt. Kanin and Mt. Rombon. Here you will fly at speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour! Tethered 1300 metres above sea level, this Slovenian zipline adventure will take you soaring over Bovec and through the Julian Alps. Amazingly, you’ll get to zip five times each for a length of 500-700 metres.

Puerto Plata Zipline, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, in the northern part of the Dominican Republic, is a tropical paradise waiting to be explored. If you’re tired of lying on beaches and want to add a little spice to your day, there’s nothing more fun than taking this Puerta Plata zip line excursion.

Starting at Monkey Jungle, you’ll sail through El Choco National Park and see epic views of the Caribbean ocean. You will cross over 7 ziplines and 2 suspension bridges, and even be challenged to make a 53-foot jump! After your zip line, you will get to have a close encounter with squirrel monkeys, who will often eat right out of your hand!

zip lining over victoria falls, zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Zipline, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is next on the list. What could be more breathtaking than gliding by one of the most stunning waterfalls on the planet at speeds of up to 106 kilometres per hour? 

This Victoria Falls zip line adventure lets you fly for over 425 metres of zipline at 120 metres up in the air. Glide high above the sparkling Zambezi waters, flowing down below in the Batoka Gorge.

The giant falls and colossal drop beneath you can be nerve-racking. But you can rest easy knowing these experienced guides are backed with a 100% safety record!

Zip lining in Norway

Mosjøen Zipline, Helgeland, Norway

The next location on the list of the 13 most amazing ziplines in the world is in Scandinavia, in Mosjøen, Norway. Ziplining in Mosjøen is a unique Nordic adventure that takes you through the stunning mountains of Norway. Mosjøen means ‘seaside’ in old Norwegian Mor and is a medieval Viking farmland first established in 1600.

Mosjøen’s cliffs offer a ziplining activity down 700 metres from Storfjellet. Strapped into your harness, you’ll glide over Vefsna River, Sjøgata street and Helgeland region. The zipline ends in the beautiful gardens of Fru Haugan’s Hotel.

This Scandinavian zipline is located midway between Trondheim and Bodo, and is definitely an adventure not to be missed when visiting Norway!

Tri Brata Beach Zipline, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Tri Brata Beach Zipline, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Many vacationers travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia to party and swim in its perfect Mediterranean. The gorgeous beaches here are also alluring for travellers. But Dubrovnik’s zipline, just 5km north of Dubrovnik City Centre, is a hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered by adventurers. 

This Mediterranean seaside zipline adventure takes you over the cliffs of Tri Brata Beach in Vrbica, Dubrovnik. You will dangle 60 metres above the white sandy beaches as you glide along the Croatian coastline.

Along the way, you can see the clear turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea, stopping to jump off cliffs. Your zipline will take you zig-zagging across the coastline stretching for over 250 metres. You can even see Lokrum island from the air. You can also choose to take a zip line at sunset in Dubrovnik for a romantic adventure for two! 

Kebun Raya Bali Zipline, Bali Indonesia

Bali offers a spectacular zipline park right in the heart of Kebun Raya Bali. This is Indonesia’s biggest botanical and research garden, and the ultimate jungle paradise. 

Zip lining in the jungles of Bali will have you feeling like Tarzan, swinging from tree to tree as you fly through Bali’s nature reserve.

But the adventure doesn’t stop at ziplining – this is an obstacle course made for fun. Navigate through 9 circuits of ziplines, suspension bridges, Spider Nets, Tarzan jumps, flying foxes, flying swings, and many other fun challenges.

The adventure park even built an innovative compression system to protect trees from any damage, so you can relax knowing the trees won’t be injured!

zipline in Madrid

Toledo Zipline, Spain

The 9th location on this list of the 13 most amazing ziplines in the world is Toledo, Spain. This amazing city is just 70 kilometres southwest of Madrid and is home to Europe’s longest urban zipline.

This Toledo, Spain zipline activity takes you on an adventure through one of Spain’s oldest cities. Running over 180 metres through the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site, the zip lines runs parallel to San Martin bridge and let you soar across the Tajo river.

Most amazing zipline Zillertal Austria

Schlegeis Dam Zipline, Zillertal, Austria

The next destination on the list of the top 13 most amazing ziplines in the world is this seriously beautiful zipline in Zillertal, Austria. The Zillertal ski region consists of multiple ski resorts and lifts, offering over 139 kilometres of ski slopes. Some of the most popular outdoor activities people do here are cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating.

Schlegeis Dam zipline in Zillertal Austria is also known as the Flying Fox. From the air, you will see entire landscapes not privy to skiers and ice skaters. You’ll cover over 600 metres of stunning Alpine mountain beauty, at heights of up to 131 meters in the air. We’re talking serious adventure, pure adrenaline and absolute beauty!

Cetina River Zipline Omiš

Cetina River Zipline, Omiš, Croatia

Next up on the list of the top 13 most amazing ziplines in the world is the Cetina River zipline. Located over the canyon where the Cetina river flows, you will be picked up in Omiš, and head 3 kilometres into the mountains.

After a short walk, you will get harnessed in and begin your zipline adventure. This zipline experience consists of eight steel cables stretched across the canyon that you will descend down one section at a time. At a total length of the 2100 metres, 510 metres high in the air, prepare for an exciting ride!

This Zipline activity over the Cetina River in Croatia gives particpants three hours of ziplining. After the adventure, you will be driven back to Omiš city centre, with plenty of restaurants to have lunch following your zipline.

Monteverde Costa Rica Ziplining

Monteverde Zipline, Costa Rica

Coming up next on the list of amazing ziplines is Monteverde zipline, in Costa Rica. The 2.5-hour activity in Monteverde is one of the most famous canopy tours in the Cloud Forest and in Costa Rica. Located over 1,440 metres high in the mountains, this forest is home to over 500 species of animals and 2,500 species of plants, many of which you can see during your canopy adventure.

The Monteverde zipline is an amazing way to immerse yourself in the lush forests of Costa Rica. You can ride the zipline on this canopy tour for over 1030 metres of fun.

Ziplining Canopy Tours in Monteverde, Costa Rica include ziplines of heights between 75 to 150 metres. You will also abseil 30 metres, ride a Tarzan swing, and a superman cable 1 kilometre long. Lastly, you will travel through a subterranean tunnel beneath the mountain for over 175 metres.

Ziplining rome italy fastest zipline in the world. Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon Zipline, Rome, Italy

As the one, true longest commercial zipline on the planet, this Zipline adventure in Rome, Italy is last (but not least) on the list of the top 13 most amazing ziplines in the world.

This zipline is truly for the brave. You will travel at speeds up to 160 kilometres an hour, for a distance of over 2.2 kilometres! The zipline itself is located in the medieval village of Rocca Massima. Perched 730 metres above sea level, this town is only an hour’s drive from Rome.

Named after one of the world’s fastest animals, the Peregrine Falcon, this is the zipline for you if you are seeking excitement in your life. You will wear a special suit and goggles for this activity, and be fastened into a harness head first, horizontally.

From the air, you will see the beautiful Lazio coast in the Alban Hills, and the mountains of Abruzzo. At over 2225 metres in length, this is the ultimate, do not miss zipline!

If you want to discover more places to zipline, check out all of the ziplining activities on our website. You can also browse through all of our articles on ziplining for more info!