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Best Outdoor Activities for Rainy Days

The weather may be pretty bad outside, but since you’re craving an adrenaline rush, here are some suggestions of what to do on a rainy day …

Lately, it’s all about the floods and storms around the world (but, to be fair, it’s the season for it) and all we want is to do is try and stay dry. We can all agree that staying in and watching Netflix while drinking tea sounds tempting, but it’s not really our thing. So, even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, here is a list of things guaranteed to give you that adrenaline fix.

Scuba diving

scuba divingNo need to worry about the wind or rain since you are underwater, enjoy the beauty of this magnificent land below sea level, and forget about what’s happening above the surface.
If you are a beginner, a certified diving instructor will take care of you for 20 to 30 minutes of pure magic. You’ll dive down up to 6 meters in depth while learning the basics of how to properly use all the gear (tanks, gauge, fins, wetsuits, fins and BCD) and for those of you already qualified divers, you’ll enjoy this underwater haven guided by an instructor who will take you down to 30 meters in depth for a unique visit.

Scuba Diving activities with Adrenaline Hunter

BMX, Skateboarding, Rollerblading

skateboardThese urban sports are tricky to practice when the floor is all wet and slippery from the rain – and even if riding means sliding, we don’t want to recommend you try it in a downpour. After all, it’s generally preferred to have the wheels in contact with the asphalt, not bare skin.
So if you want to try an urban sport, like skateboarding or BMX it’s time to head to your local indoor spot where you and the floors are guaranteed to stay dry.
Indoor skateparks are popping up everywhere, giving you countless opportunities to enjoy them all year long and learn a new discipline or master your current one.

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raftingWhen you’re rafting, the rain is the last thing on your mind!
White water rafting is done on different degrees of rough water, so get ready to embark on board an inflatable raft, using only paddles to navigate the twist and turn of the river rapids.
This sport requires teamwork, this gives you a great chance to meet other like-minded maniacs and bond over this unique experience.
Rafting is accessible to everyone is an unique experience you can enjoy no matter the weather (unless you’re talking about cyclones or hurricanes of course).

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speleologyYou won’t really care what the weather’s like outside since everything happens underground. Let the guide take you on a tour to explore the caves and crevices, and step into the depths of earth to discover natural tunnels and formations with discoveries that will be hard to pass up. Your journey in the bowels of the earth might even include some compulsory abseiling; but it’s totally worth it as you will get to see the beauty of limestone, fossils and crystals that can be found in these caves.

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Indoor Skydiving

wind tunnelYou will feel like you are flying, without having to jump out of a plane, be levitated in a column of air that simulates the same conditions as if you were flying in the sky – this flying simulation allows you to discover a new element, and if after you feel like you’ve got a taste for it, you can also try a vertical take-off from several meters up.
It’s perfect if you’re planning on trying out parachuting or want to practice your technique.

Indoor skydiving activities with Adrenaline Hunter

Jet ski, Flyboard, Hoverboard

FlyboardThe rain doesn’t bother us when it comes to a motorized water sport, a little more water shouldn’t affect you or your equipment so grab your wetsuit and get involved in these modern watersports whatever the forecast.
Defy gravity from 5 meters up, or channel your inner Ironman for a few minutes with the flyboard or the hoverboard, created by Franky Zapata these brand new activities are sure to get the heart racing.

Flyboard activities with Adrenaline Hunter


indoor boulderingIn most cases, you go climbing in the wild, on mountains or rocks; and in case of rain, it’s probably better to postpone the climb as it can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly.
but there are also clubs where you can go and have fun indoors. If you are a confirmed climber, the rain will just be another challenge, but if you just want to try and see don’t hesitate to go to one of these indoors club, they offer artificial walls for all levels.

Rock climbing activities with Adrenaline Hunter

Sailing, Surfing, Water Sports

sailing adrenaline hunterIf you’re scared of water, forget about it, but sailing like Surfing, SUPing (Stand Up Paddle); bodyboarding or surfing are sports you can definitely enjoy even if it’s raining (once again we’re talking about rain, not a storm).
You will just be a little more wet… So don’t go and say you don’t like water if you pick one of these sport… this element is perfect if you are into riding, and sailing will introduce you to new horizons.
It’s also an opportunity to try a catamaran or a trimaran, but watch out for the wind, cause your little boat trip can turn into an extreme adventure in no time !!
But hey, a confirmed sailor can also make the trip with you if you are novice.

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Here the courageous Flatlander Terry Adams in BMX under the rain:

We can also surf the floods …

Top picture: Christian Rosillo