The Ultimate Gift Guide for Those Who Ride

Christmas is just around the corner and there’s only a few days left to find the perfect gift. If you’re looking for a last-minute present for someone who loves to ride boards, whether on the water, snow or on concrete, then we have just the thing for you.

Our experts have concocted a small selection of products and activities that will delight even the most difficult, with a range of clothing, accessories or experiences to wet the appetite of any adrenaline junkie.

gift slips Adrenaline HunterSurf Poncho
Hooded poncho towels are perfect for those awkward wetsuit changes, in the carpark or on the beach, and are great at keeping you warm after a session in the waves.
Price: 52 € uros

Board short
The Sumbawa is a four-way stretch swim short made from coconut fibers, the name comes from a surf-famous island in Indonesia, rich with perfect waves and coral reefs. Featuring a scalloped hem, solid waistband and a side pocket with flap, these Vissla board shorts are sure to have you pining for the ocean.
Price: 59 € uros

carhartt Beanie 
The “Carhartt Work in Progress Hat Acrylic Watch Hat” is woven with a pure acrylic stretch knit, features a height of 23.5 cm and has a Square-Label on the front. This urban beanie is ready to keep your head warm during any winter session.
Price: 19 € uros

Ski Jacket
The Plank Reunion Soft Shell jacket in coral has your back in powder sessions on the slopes and après-ski sessions in the town. Crafted from a soft 3-ply fabric, this jacket for women features a classic cut, a 2-way stretch construction and a high water-resistance rating!
Price: 150 € uros

Surfboard Sock
This is more than just a cover for your surfboard, this Gorilla Stretch surf sock is a real treat for your favorite stick. Suitable for a shortboard between 6’0 ”and 6’3″, crafted with an eye-catching skeleton print, nylon reinforcement on the nose and a drawstring closure on the tail. This surf sock is ideal protecting your board whilst it’s in the car and provides UV protections to help prevent sun damage.
Price: 43 € uros

surf skate carverSurf / Skate Carver Skateboard
Let loose on a skateboard that reproduces the movements of the surf thanks to a detachable and innovative front truck. Perfectly combining two of the most love board sports, it’s the ideal present for a surfer in need of waves or for a skater looking for a new way to ride. The CARVER HAEDRON comes in three different sizes and uses exotic wood veneers grown and harvested sustainably.
Price: 348 € uros

avalanche materialAvalanche Safety Kit
To stay safe in the event of avalanche risk, a free-rider needs to be well equipped. Most shops now offer complete kits with an avalanche detector (DVA), probe, shovel and airbag backpack for safer off-piste missions.
Price: From € 500 to € 600 (depending on the brand)

An IndoBoard is designed to exercise the muscles which in turn improve your balance. Originally, the goal for the surfer was to perform exercises that allowed you to stand up and stay steady on a moving board, but the concept evolved and now there are even some riders landing skateboard-styles tricks with it!
Price: 180 € uros

GoProGoPro Camera
Immortalize your thrill-seeking missions with the latest action camera. This waterproof GoPro is designed with a built-in stabilizer and a 4K picture at 60 FPS. There’s also a dual screen with voice control and a GPS option, in short, everything you could ever need to shoot your craziest tricks!
Price: 429 € uros

Adrenaline bookBook about Extreme Sports
“Adrenaline” by Tana Publishing is a beautiful coffee table book boasting 200-pages alive with stunning photographs of sporting prowess from the Red Bull collection, all with explanations as to what crazy feat is taking place in the picture. Enjoy 300 spectacular shots of extreme sports and start planning your next adrenaline-filled adventure.
Price: 29.95 € uros

Rip Curl watchSurf Watch
Perfect for water sports enthusiasts, the Rip Curl watch tracks each wave surfed and knows the time of all tides thanks to an integrated GPS. Waterproof up to 100 meters, the Search GPS 2 watch gives you real-time surfing conditions and GPS tracking for all your water-based activities, even swimming!
Price: 299 € uros


speed ridingSpeedriding
If cross-country skiing or freestyle skiing isn’t your thing, then maybe you’ll be tempted by Speedriding or SnowKiting (same idea but with a snowboard), which combines skiing with paragliding or kite-surfing. Equipped with wings or a sail, you can carve down the slopes then take to air whenever you fancy! This sport is totally different from paragliding, the spirit of Speedriding is influenced by the speed and the proximity between you and the snowy ground beneath your board or skis.
Price: From € 90

Kitesurfing is a water sport that involves riding on a board while being towed along the surface of a body of water by a specially adapted kite or sail. Kitesurfing just keeps growing in popularity as it’s far more accessible than other water-based board sports, you just need a bit of wind and water and you’re all set!
Price: From € 35

Heliskiing is an adrenaline-loaded mountain experience that involves being dropped by helicopter at the top of an off-piste slope and then carving your way down through untouched snow. It’s the ideal activity to push you ride further, harder and gain access to powder-filled places on the mountain you could only dream of before. For freeride enthusiasts or thrill-seekers looking for new horizons, Heliskiing is sure to be the perfect fit this Christmas.
Price: From € 350

fatbikeFat bike
The Fat Bike is a reliable mountain bike that has big innovative tires perfectly suited to all terrains such as sand, mud and snow. Kitted out with, on average, 12 cm wide wheels to offer maximum stability that holds fast on all trails in the most fun and exciting way.
Price: From € 37

Cruising the streets standing on a skateboard is a dream for many, yet it doesn’t require as much balance or training as you may think. Whether you’re into freestyle (tricks on the ground or on modules), downhill longboarding (extreme descent on the road) or simply just cruising, it’s a great way to push you out of comfort zone and lock-in some new skills.
Price: From € 15

Running out of original ideas for your loved ones? Don’t just want to give socks this Christmas? Offer an amount of your choice which they can put towards experiencing thrills and unique experiences, with over 6,000 activities to pick from, they’ll be sure to find one they love.
Price: From € 50 to € 500

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Top picture: Robby Naish