Top 5 Valentine’s Adventure Activities for Singles

Single this Valentine’s? Looking for an activity to take your mind off spending the day, and then the following weekend… and maybe the weekend before… alone?

Whether you’re based in the city, the suburbs or the countryside, there’s always some great solo activities to do outdoors and adventures to be had alone or with friends – who aren’t spending the day with their other half. Get out into nature and take your mind off what you might be missing, focus on yourself and maybe even as a bonus get some photos of you living your best life to update your social media with.

Here’s our top 5 picks of outdoor adventure activities, dedicated to all you singles out there who want to try something new… so turn your laptop off and get outdoors, who knows, maybe you’ll meet your soul mate on the slopes or at a dive site?

Indoor Skydiving Paris

1. Indoor Skydiving

There are three amazing aspects to this sport – you get to fly in a wind tunnel, you get to wear a super cool brightly coloured jumpsuit and you get to have fun learning and practicing a new sport. This is by far the greatest activity for singles this Valentine’s Day, as you’re in the wind tunnel alone with your instructor, with no time to think about all the people in love in the city beyond the tube you’re flying in. Feel the adrenaline rush, and maybe invite your friends for a fun afternoon learning together and watching each other soar.

Snowboarding in Kitzbuhel

2. Snowboarding

If you’re a fan of the snow, why not get out of the city and out onto the slopes for some alone time on your board? Clear your head, escape the FOMO and work on your board skills, practice your jumps, and impress yourself. Work on your skills – take a freestyle course or if you’re a beginner then book yourself in to learn to snowboard, because everyone deserves to feel the icy wind on their face (and maybe some snow too – we all face plant sometimes!)

Fatbiking Tour

3. Fat Biking

For some peaceful alone-time, rent a fat-bike – an off-road bike with extra wide tyres making them capable of being ridden on different types of terrain, including snow. The perfect activity for getting out into nature, taking in the scenery and going places that you couldn’t before, like viewpoints you’ve never tried to reach by foot. A great activity for this time of year, as you’ll be concentrating on the terrain rather than thinking about going home to an empty apartment afterwards.

Paragliding in France

4. Paragliding

Okay, so not quite a solo sport, but almost – forget the presence of the instructor… and focus on the beautiful scenery, whether it be of rivers, lakes, mountains or of the far off cityscape. Paragliding is a fantastic sport to change your perspective and literally take yourself to new heights.

Land sailing

5. Land sailing

Finally, head to the beach, if you’re lucky enough to live near one, and try this lesser-known year-round sport. An adventure activity that you can do sitting down, and definitely better than being on your sofa alone, watching all the rom-coms that are on TV this time of year. Relax back in your seat and feel the wind in your sail as you race along the long sandy straight of the beach for a great solo thrill. Or, if you’re feeling sociable, invite some friends for a great group activity.

Top photo credit: Tomas Sobek