Couple in Outdoor Setting

Top 8 Outdoor Valentine’s Experience Gifts

Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans, we all know that it’s the gift that counts, so this year, rather than a personalised fridge magnet or a bottle of wine, treat your other (and better) half to an activity-based experience gift that they’ve always wanted… or didn’t realise they had.

Wherever you live, there’s nothing more romantic than getting outdoors and experiencing nature with the person you love, and thankfully, a lot of outdoor activities and ways of engaging with nature are universal, so here’s our Top 8 fool-proof (non-location specific) ideas…

Whale watching

1. Wildlife Experiences

What better activity to bond over, or treat your partner to, than a wildlife experience? Whether you fancy whale watching in a colder climate, bird-watching on a hike in your local area or heading somewhere sunny and spotting big cats, there’s nothing more fun than cosying up to your loved one on a boat, branch or the back of a jeep and passing time watching beautiful animals, or at least trying to spot them. What better gift for a nature or outdoors lover – and maybe you’ll get some Instagram content out of it too, like a couple’s selfie with a whale in the background.

Scenic Flight over Milford Sound NZ

2. Scenic Flights

Take your relationship to new heights, by soaring over the sights… whether you take off from your local airfield, or are on a trip to a new destination, see places from a whole new perspective, together. We can’t think of anything more romantic, than holding hands whilst you and your loved one (are probably both on your phones filming out of the window) take in the beauty of beaches and blue waters, or snow-topped peaks and the ski piste. Giving the gift of a scenic flight suggests that you see your relationship going somewhere, and that you’re willing to go to the moon and back (well, not quite) for your other half.

Canoeing in the wilderness

Photo Credit: Roberto Nickson

3. Canoeing

The ultimate date sport, work together or against each other and splash each other whilst you’re at it. Location is key with this sport, so try not to go anywhere too busy, for a bit of alone time. Time of day will also be key here too – a sunset canoe trip could be the peak romance movie activity, watching the sunset from the water and gliding along the water’s surface near the person you love, aww.

Scuba diving in Malta

4. Scuba Diving

Okay, so this one is a strange choice admittedly – but bear with us. If you and your partner happen to both be scuba enthusiasts, or are at least at an intermediate level then this may be the greatest Valentine’s gift activity choice you’ll ever make. Take to the open water, and gaze into each other’s eyes/masks and take in the beauty of the sunlight hitting the waves above you, and maybe even take some cute photos with fish.

How deep is your love?

Stand up Paddle in Sweden

5. Stand up Paddle

A peaceful sport that can be made competitive, race across the still water and winner chooses where to go for dinner, (or make your own variation.) Like kayaking/canoeing, location is key for this experience, so if you’re headed somewhere sunny soon then this would make for the perfect outdoor activity Valentine’s gift for your other half… For bonus points, do stand up paddle in the evening and head to a secluded beach or spot that means something to both of you.

Tandem Skydive over Oleron Island

6. Tandem Skydiving

Okay, so you can’t jump at the same time – as you’ll each need to have an instructor strapped to you for your jumps, but what could be more fun than learning a new sport together? Add to that, the shared experience of going up in the same plane, holding hands to comfort any nerves or sharing in each other’s excitement, and watching one-another jump out into the unknown. A skydiving experience is the perfect adventure gift for a partner who wants to start ticking off some bucket list activities or a loved one whose felt stuck in a rut recently and needs a boost of adrenaline to prove to themselves they can overcome any obstacle!

Hot Air Ballooning

Photo Credit: Alexander Schimmeck

7. Hot Air Ballooning

Show your better half that your relationship is on the up and take in the scenery of your chosen location – whether it be over Munich or Mallorca, Stockholm or Seville, cuddle up close and watch the cities and sights below get further and further away. An added perk of this adventure activity gift is the alone-time, because some locations offer private experiences where you can fly the balloon yourself (so no third wheeling pilot has to come up with you, luckily for you, and them!)

Helicopter Flight and Summit Landing Reykjavik

8. Helicopter Tours

Another sky-based couple’s adventure – because taking your relationship to new and unknown heights is what Valentine’s is all about. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a fast-paced adventure flight 1000ft over a location of your choice! Keep it local and head out, (and up) above your local area, or head to a destination that means something to the both of you.

Top image credit: Timo Stern