Top Adventure Activities to do as a Couple

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, here’s some inspiration from the top activities you can do with your significant other.

Living for the adrenaline rush is a good but it gets even better when shared, especially when shared with the one you heart beats for; whether it’s for a birthday present, an anniversary or a honeymoon, here are some activities that will give you lifelong memories. This year, forget about the traditional cruise in Venice’s Gondola and go for experiences that will make your heart skip a beat!

Surfing, SUPing, Bodyboarding

surf loveThese are water sports where you stand on your own board, but they are also nice to share. What’s more romantic than holding hands while surfing the same wave? OK, it might not be as simple as it seems and a little bit of practice and good timing might be need to manage that but after a few tries, I reckon it’s manageable and will sure be a nice photo to frame. For SUPing and surfing, you’re standing up on the board so it’s easier, whereas you’re laying down when bodyboarding so it’s a little bit more tricky … For those of you who have never surfed, a couple of lessons will teach you the basics (the take off and stand on the board) so you have no more excuses.


skydive love couple4000m high, open the plane door… step closer to the edge .. Even closer… and jump !! Jumping out of a plane sounds like the most crazy and dangerous thing to do but don’t judge a book by its cover, in fact skydiving is one of the sport with the biggest number of rules in the world. Professional instructor have managed to turn this crazy dangerous activity into a safer one.
It’s one of these things you have to do once in your life, nothing will give you a bigger thrill. Tandem skydiving will allow you to discover these sensation without having to worry about your safety and being comfortable as a professional will take care of everything… you’ll just have to scream at the top of your lungs and enjoy the ride!
And of course, taking the plunge with your beloved one is priceless.

Scuba diving

love couple scuba divingEnjoy the depth of the underwater world, and forget about the gray and dull weather above the surface. Whether you want to discover fun passages, admire the beauty of corals, reefs and colorful fishes or just cruise between shipwrecks, scuba diving is a unique experience . It’s a complete different world for you to discover with its own beauty and time perception. Bonus point if your first time is in some exotic place known for its underwater wildlife.


rafting couple Least we can say is you won’t get bored. Rafting is a sport where everyone is part of the success. You will be sailing on an inflatable raft, and you will most likely end up jumping and swimming in the river, while discovering wild parts of the river. 2 hours of cruising between rocks, and riding white waters will leave some sort of mark on your couple. You will get to test you trust and believe in each other, the perfect experience to see how your team works !!

Flying a plane

pilot plane trainingIf you’re looking for something different, flying a plane for 30 minutes is now possible. The Club Air Pilot offers you an unforgettable experience! You can even share it with friends. A professional instructor will guide you in all the maneuver and teach you everything from A to Z. He will train you for take off, cruise and landing, and also on weather, navigation, fuel limitation and how to communicate properly with the tower. Everything you need to know to be a good pilot. Of course, every session starts with a briefing so you feel more comfortable and remember the basic rules. A room is dedicated to these classes and briefing so you can fully enjoy every minute of your session. 

Fat Bike

fatbike coupleRiding a Fat Bike is probably the most fun and exciting way to ride the slopes.
This is an amusing activity you can do up in the mountains and you will be surprised by how stable it is even in fresh powder. The bike itself is really reliable, its good new generation fat tires which are perfectly adapted for sand, dirt or snow. With 12cm wide, these wheels offers maximum stability. A nice activity to do as a couple while enjoying beautiful mountain landscapes.

Rock climbing

climbing coupleGo and explore vertical surface with your other half. Climb on a wall or a natural rock with mother nature as company. You and your guide will define a route that’s adapted to your level and whether its a first time or you’re looking to improve your technique. Pushing your own limits, thinking and agility are keys for this activity. If you have always dreamed of climbing the most beautiful mountains top, with a group or on your own, you might want to start this adventure, it will teach you to never give up.


ParasailingHave a little cruise above water and enjoy the view from the sky.
On your own or with a friend, you will be wearing a special harness and a life jacket, taking off from the beach, or a platform, and linked to the boat by a tow rope, as the boat drives of, it will lift you in the air up to 50 meters high. From 7 to 77 years old, it’s a fun and e $ asy activity to share with friends and family. It will be a complete new view from where you will admire the beauty of water. To finish, you will land on the boat right after nearly walking on water. Between sky and sea… always higher.

Diving with the sharks

Diving with SharksOkay, sharks do have a bad reputations, but it is possible to go on a safe underwater excursion and dive with these harmless creatures. Media plays a big part in that reputation, but did you know only 5 species are dangerous for men. If you are a diver, or a photographer, and you want to observe and take photos of a 4m long tiger shark, this is for you. Get familiar with diving in all safety with 3m long lemon sharks and when you’re comfortable, it will be time to go on more committed dive. The sharks are completely free in their territory, and you can peacefully admire them. A lot of places around the world allow you to live this thrilling experience, and in a second, it will change your mind on these big babies.

Sled dogs

Sled dogsThis one is for all nature and animal lovers . There’s nothing like being on a sled sliding on the snow, you have the time to appreciate the beauty of snowy mountains. Allow your mind to wander and relax while enjoying the ride through the mountains and valley. Depending on the weather, the sled will be pulled by 8 to 14 dogs, usually Huskies. You won’t ever forget this hike in the frozen winter mountains. And what’s more romantic than sliding in the winter night while contemplating an aurora borealis.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumpingTake the plunge before taking the plunge? before making any decision, you might want to think twice but when it comes to bungee jumping – don’t. You’re not taking any risks beside feeling your heart beating faster and stronger than ever. Plus, some places offered to do a duo jump to share this adrenaline rush with your significant other. You will have nothing to worry about (or maybe check your rope is tightly secured), just jump and enjoy the ride. The free jump and rebounds give you the adrenaline rush, and the vertigo as well as the heights might be a good indicator as if you are able to handle jumping of a plane. The good thing about bungee jumping is that anyone with a good heart and courage can do it!

There are many more activities you can do as a couple, here are just a few ideas of what you can do if you’re looking for some more adventurous dates. No matter what this will be an intense and unforgettable moment, a memory you will cherish forever.

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