Top 8 Adventure Sports Podcasts

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives barely give us a moment for things we are passionate about. Be it sports, movies, music, or even painting, listening to a podcast on a subject of your interest is the next best thing to do when you cannot devote time to the activity itself! In this article, we have curated a list of 8 such adventure sports podcasts which might just teach you a thing or two about an outdoor activity you’re passionate about – on the go!

The Paraglider

The first name on our list of 8 adventure sports podcasts is The Paraglider podcast. The Paraglider is a website where paragliding pilots, from all over the world can share their experiences in the form of text, videos, images, or even podcasts. Although it was founded by Devon-born software developer – Caedmon Mullin, hang-glider Judith Mole took charge of the podcast section.

The podcast is not active anymore, but the rich existing content acts as a great library to paragliding enthusiasts from all over the world!

The Paraglider podcast will answer any lingering questions or doubts, in the greatest detail, you may have about paragliding. Topics such as XC flying, psychology, PG culture, safety, competitions, meteorology, are covered on the podcast.

Duration: roughly 40 minutes per episode.

Sled Dog Podcast

Other than a few entertaining dog sledding movies, there’s not too much information out there about the sport of dog sledding…or is there? The Sled Dog Podcast features fascinating stories from the world of dog sledding. Some of the interesting podcasts include guests such as dog sledding legend Buddy Streeper, Dr. Tim Hunt (vet) – discussing behavioral issues and tips to deal with them, and people like Ken Anderson and Gwen Holdmann who managed 85 dogs for 100 days in the middle of nowhere in Alaska!

Duration: roughly 1 hour per episode.

‘The History of Jet Skis’ by K38 Rescue

For those of us who didn’t know, K38 is a worldwide authority in Rescue Water Craft education, operations, and safety for Personal Watercraft applications. The History of Jet Skis is available on several platforms including Apple Play and is an absolute treasure for jet skiing fans!

By the admission of the creators themselves, the podcast was created to ‘build your Jetski community to preserve the heritage and legacy for future generations to enjoy.’ The illustrious list of guests includes jet-skiing world champion – Pat Helfrick, Joe Ballistrea, and other veterans of the sport. Guests share their jet skiing stories to listeners including how they started and even disclose insights into their racing career.

Duration: roughly 1 hour per episode.

Gravity Lab Radio

The podcast hosted by the duo of DJ Marvin and Nick Lott invites skydivers and tunnel flyers in the studio to dive into a deep conversation about what makes them tick and do what they do. Even though the primary subject of the podcast is skydiving, the hosts try to keep the conversation light-hearted and talk about all things under the sky.

The Gravity Lab is one of the best skydiving podcasts out there with 78,019 subscribers and 154 episodes. Skydiving enthusiasts will not be disappointed!

Duration: around 2 hours per episode.

The Snowmobiling Podcast

There are no points for guessing the subject of the Snowmobiling Podcast. We have to admit, the content of this podcast is a bit heavy duty. You can easily get lost with the snowmobiling jargon used on this podcast. However, if you have a basic knowledge of the sport, you can learn a great deal!

The podcast aims to review the latest snowmobiling products, suggest travel ideas, and also interview some of the biggest names of the sport – like Yanick Boucher and Steve Houle.

Duration: roughly 50 minutes per episode.

Kayak Hipster

Created by Luke Rovner, the Kayak Hipster is available on player FM Stories, and is the perfect podcast for people who are intrigued by kayaking and would like to explore the sport further!

Luke often brings on his friend Lee Richardson and the two chat about their kayaking adventures and provides essential tips for when you’re kayaking. The duo is far from rookies – sea kayaking instructors by profession, Luke is also a filmmaker!

Duration: Ranges anywhere between 10 mins and 50 mins.

The Enormocast Podcast

The next name on our list of Top 8 adventure sports podcasts deals with the sport of rock climbing and is called the Enormocast Podcast. Hosted by rock-climbing legend – Chris Kalous, the podcast is your one-stop-shop for rock climbing! One of the most critically acclaimed podcasts on the list, you can expect Enormocast to give you discussions, interviews, tributes, and more.

Duration: roughly 1.5 hours.

On The Ski Lift

We thought of ending our list of the Top 8 adventure sports podcasts, with a light-hearted yet informative skiing podcast called On The Ski Lift. This is the kind of podcast that allows you to multi-task and swerve in and out of the conversation, without feeling lost.

Hosts Lance and Mike cover topics such as planning for the ski season, buying passes, travel ideas, family skiing, niche trips, nostalgic looks-back-in-time, and more!

Duration: roughly 50 minutes.