Discover the World’s Best Canyoning Destinations

Check out our selection of the best places in the world to try canyoning – plus all the essential info on this action-packed sport.

What is Canyoning?

An amazing sport that combines loads of different activities into one, canyoning is a mix of caving, hiking, climbing and mountaineering, cliff diving, whitewater swimming and sliding down natural toboggans (like a slip-slide). Canyoning (also called canyoneering) is an amazing way of pushing your own limits and sharing a great day out with your friends and family.

An adventurous, all-natural assault course carved out by whitewater over thousands of years, natural couloirs, bowls, breaks and slides make this different from kayaking and rafting – as you use your body to travel downstream! Practiced in some of the most beautiful and secret locations in the world, there’s a canyon for everyone – with each course rated on difficulty and skill level.Mostly navigated on foot but also by swimming, sometimes the use of technical rope work is necessary, via abseiling for example.


Canyoning- an all or nothing experience!

There’s no going back when it comes to canyoning! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim or you’re afraid of heights – there are loads of great instructors that are willing to take you step by step through the course and, whilst serious incidents are rare – respecting the safety rules are essential.

Testing your determination around every corner, get ready to face your fears as you muster up the courage to explore caves, jump off waterfalls or slide into giant pools… The most important part of any canyoning excursion is to check the water depth before any jump – closely followed by regular weather updates as rain, wind or fog could drastically change conditions.

In regards to equipment, don ‘A temperature-appropriate neoprene wetsuit, hiking shoes (high, comfortable with a good tread), a helmet, gloves – plus a harness and technical gear are also important. We also recommend taking a bag to carry all of the above, some food, water and a good knife can also be useful.


Best places to try canyoning

Ready to try your first canyoning adventure in an unforgettable setting?
Here are some of our top-rated canyoning destinations to explore. Check out the best places to go canyoning, below.






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