ZNMD Road Trip Itinerary For Adrenaline Hunters

For those of you who don’t know, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or ZNMD (if you’re in a hurry) is a Bollywood film about 3 Indian friends, who grew up together and do an unexpected amount of soul searching during a road trip through seductive Spanish locations. The greater message and the rough translation of the film title in English is ‘you won’t live again’. Kabir, Arjun, and Imraan (the 3 friends) commit to that philosophy by facing their fears in the form of 3 extreme sports.

As the film has such a cult status, we thought of creating a ZNMD road trip itinerary for adrenaline hunters. To give you a breakdown, in this article we will list the spots visited by the 3 amigos and accompany each of them with an adventure sport you can try there…perhaps with your friends!

From bungee jumping in cosmopolitan Barcelona to skydiving in the birthplace of Flamenco – in Sevilla, this road trip will be like living the film itself and the adrenaline won’t let you blink!

ZNMD road trip beginning in Montserrat
Arjun during a conference call in the Montserrat mountain.

Rock climbing in Montserrat near Barcelona

We all know someone who cannot relax even when they’re on vacation. Playing the workaholic in this film was Arjun – a stockbroker who was glued to his phone and laptop, much to the annoyance of his friends – Imraan and Kabir.

Even in a breathtaking setting like the Montserrat mountain range, Arjun is talking to his Japanese associates before Imraan throws his phone out of the car. Although the 3 friends drove by the mountain range and didn’t engage in any activity (other than looking for Arjun’s phone), you could!

rock climbing in montserrat to begin the ZNMD road trip
Rock climbing in Montserrat near Barcelona.

We recommend you try the rock climbing activity in the mighty Montserrat mountains of Catalonia. A short one hour trip via the C-58 highway from Barcelona will take you to the multi-peaked mountain range.
Conquering the Monserrat will not just give you an adrenaline rush but also a great deal of a sense of accomplishment. A soothing sea of green foliage is your view of victory for completing the climb.

If you’re a beginner and want to attempt rock climbing in Montserrat, click on the link provided.

scuba diving in costa brava during the znmd road trip
Arjun and Laila scuba diving in Costa Brava.

Scuba diving in Costa Brava

According to a childhood pact between the three friends, each of them would propose an activity of their choice on this bachelor trip and the other 2 are compelled to participate. Starting with Kabir’s proposal, they must go scuba diving in Costa Brava. Arjun initially rejects the idea but then has to respect the pact and is glad he did because he falls in love with scuba diving…and the instructor!

Even though Costa Brava is just an hour and a half away from Barcelona, it feels like a different planet. The beaches of Costa Brava have golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters surrounded by postcard-like seaside villages, making it ideal for your first dive. The rich biodiversity in the Mediterranean of Costa Brava is strikingly beautiful and makes for good company during the dive.

Through Arjun’s character, the ZNMD road trip teaches us new experiences (like scuba diving) can be scary at first but eventually liberating. If you’d like to book a scuba diving activity in Costa Brava, click the provided link.

Jet skiing in Valencia.
Jet skiing in Valencia.

Jet Ski in Valencia near Bunol

One of the most feel-good scenes of the film was when the group goes to Bunol to partake in the age-old Tomatina festival – which is basically a party where people throw squashed tomatoes on each other for entertainment. Although the scene was filled with music, dance, and all things Bollywood, it wasn’t exactly an adrenaline-filled experience.

A 30-minute drive West on the A-3 highway from Bunol is the port city of Valencia. The city known for its futuristic establishments like interactive museums and a planetarium is also home to exhilarating jet-skiing activities. Jet-skiing in Valencia gives you the chance to cruise past a wide variety of beaches and coves in the Mediterranean ‘forest’.

Tomatina festival in Bunol.
Tomatina festival in Bunol.

If you visit the region on the last Wednesday of August, you could live the Tomatina festival Bunol and go jet-skiing in Valencia! For booking information on jet-skiing in Valencia, visit the link provided.

Skydiving in Sevilla.
Skydiving in Sevilla.

Skydiving in Sevilla, Andalucia

It was time to snap back to reality after painting the town red at the Tomatina festival and Imraan decides to visit his biological father for the first time since he abandoned Imraan. His father, a painter, lives in Andalucia but don’t worry – we have slightly less emotionally loaded and slightly more exciting activities in store for you.

Sevilla is home to the best skydiving instructor in the South of Spain and is literally 20 minutes away from downtown Sevilla. You’ll have a stunning bird’s eye view of intricate river systems including the Arroyo de Majalberraque, in optimum sunny conditions, almost throughout the year.

A Bollywood film is incomplete without music and dance! Well, the ZNMD road trip made a stop in Sevilla as it is the birthplace of the seductive dance form of Flamenco. The popular ‘senorita‘ song was shot in a bar in Andalucia, underlying the festive nightlife of the region.

Imraan, Kabir and Arjun during the senorita song in Andalucia.
Imraan, Kabir and Arjun during the senorita song in Andalucia.

If you still have time to spare, the dramatically beautiful town of Ronda is an architectural masterpiece and must be visited. It also happens to be the residence of Imraan’s father and is less than 2 hours away from Sevilla via highway A-375 and A-374.

Bungee jumping from the highest point in Spain near Barcelona.
Bungee jumping from the highest point in Spain near Barcelona.

Bungee jumping in Catalonia, near Barcelona

Even though the ZNMD road trip did not feature a bungee jump, a big part of the film was shot in Barcelona and the Catalonian region. The drive through Montserrat, scuba diving and skydiving in Costa Brava. It would be criminal not to write about the highest bungee jump in Spain, located near Girona.

One hour on highway C-32 from Barcelona will take you to the jump spot. An adrenaline-filled 5-second jump from 70 m goes with the theme portrayed in ZNMD, which is of conquering your fears.

For further booking information on bungee jumping from the highest point in Spain, click the provided link.

Paragliding in Sopelana near Pamplona.
Paragliding in Sopelana near Pamplona.

Paragliding in Sopelana near Pamplona

The climax scene of the film deals with Arjun’s doubts to face reality and call off the wedding with his fiancee. This is portrayed symbolically in the form of the third and final extreme sport – running with bulls during the Festival of San Fermín. The celebration that historically takes place in Pamplona between July 6 and July 14, includes bullfights, trade fairs, and the running with bulls.

Imraan, Arjun and Kabir running with the bulls in Pamplona.

Although running with bulls can be an adrenaline-fueled experience, it is potentially deadly, without any exaggeration. Instead, we suggest you give paragliding in Sopelana a shot. Sopelana is less than 2 hours away from Pamplona via the A-1 highway and is an as exhilarating experience. Fresh breeze from the Bay of Biscay propels you while you feel like a sea gull, gliding over green hills and a beautiful coastline.

For booking information on paragliding in Sopelana, please feel free to visit the provided link.