Maxence Cavalade talks ‘Speedriding’

Speedriding expert Maxence Cavalade, is a jack (……well master) of all trades. Even in his email signature, has a wealthy amount of aptitudes including: Graduate in Physiotherapy from HEPHS, Ski / Snowboard and Telemark instructor (BEES), Judo and Ju-Jistu Teacher (BEES), Diving instructor (BEES, PADI instructor) and finally Skydiving instructor!


But today, we’re talking Speedriding, and he is the king of his field. Speedriding is attracting more and more attention, but the question remains, What is it? Where can I do it? How can I start?

We had a yarn with him at the Winter Film Festival of Bourg Saint Maurice (November 5, 2016), where they screened his video “Follow me”.

Here is a little advice, particularly for you, my dear “Adrenaline junkies”:

Why Speedride ?

To experience the sensation of gliding and flying.

Speedriding allows you to exploit the terrain in three dimensions of space. Now, we take flight and soar over obstacles, rather than being limited to the traditional two dimensions of space on the slops. By attaching a sail, you become an aerial acrobat, launching you into flight and reaching new trajectories.

If I like skiing. Will I like Speedriding?

We, Speedriders, love to ski first. But what, people wonder, is the interest in skiing with a sail above your head? My reply is that the sail offers us another way to slip, between snow and air.

Beyond the adrenaline and sensation of flight, Speedriding is really, just another art of sliding.

What competencies do I need to start Speedriding ?

If you can ski quickly, dominate most of the slopes, conditions, and terrain on the field, and  you’re good to go!

Having a high level of off-piste experience is essential to start learning. Also, knowing how to fly a sail (paragliding, kite, parachute etc …) will help your progression down the road, but is certainly not a prerequisite to start.

A person who already knows how to ski in “snow”, read trajectories and analyze a complex terrain which you find off-piste will be perfectly prepared to handle his sail and fly without having to concentrate on his feet and thus quickly become a ” Good driver “.

In my opinion, it is better not to have touched a sail before beginning, this way you can avoid “bad habits” coming from other sail sports.

Is it hard to learn ?

The more experience you are in off-piste skiing, the easier it is going to be. As per usual, progression depends on the person. Simplification, and having the objective of learning for pure satisfaction is likely to result in quickly pickup of Speedriding! Everyone falls, and if you treat these falls as lessons you won’t make them again, then soon enough you’ll be flying alongside us.


Thanks Maxence! See you soon in the Air!

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